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Top Graphic Design Trends Of 2022

What graphic design trends have been on the rise lately? How has it influenced personal branding?

In this episode, I’d like to share with you the top graphic design trends of 2022. As we enter a new year, here are some of the creative movements to keep your artistic spirits burning. Take a glimpse into the future of graphic design.

The Designest forecasts more inclusive solutions - but was that ever out of style? User experience is really put first in applying accessible practices, such as audio and closed captioning approaches, readability captioning, alt text for images and way more. This is a high priority to stand out and create a kind and accessible experience.

My personal prediction is that there will be a rise of personal branding. Humanizing connections, designs, and the overall brand experience has come to the forefront of importance throughout the pandemic. People want to feel like they know and can trust you.

Glass & Crystal Textures

Let’s play with lights and colour. It’s used often to create depth and space with objects and various items that would’ve otherwise seemed 2dimensional into a modern trend.

Bringing Back The 90’s

It’s this Kawaii ode to the rise of the internet and pop culture with neon, holographics and metallics, to flat and simple illustrations, all that we’re missing is the Backstreet boys & the Spice Girls!

Daydreaming Doodling

Relaxed and organic quality to this style. Let’s bridge the gap between human and digital.

Canva also recently came out with an innovative Draw integration to their toolkit. This style creates a human approach and expressive element to any graphic that’s warm, free and expressive.

What They’re Calling Anti-Design

Shake up conventions and get quirky with it. This may be as subtle as asymmetric designs to incorporate a bold and brave palette that you wouldn’t normally pair together, or overlay and collage numerous items for maximalism.

Expressive Typography

And an additional bonus with 99 Designs’ predictions for bubble inspired lettering that’s fun and inflatable in its quality. It’s becoming more vibrant, playful and amplifying movement and personalities with a twist like Squid Games, Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres universe inspired typography and language.

In The World Of Website Design

Another approach that we see becoming a standard is gender-neutral web design, which we already see being adopted more universally with elements not being inherently hyper masculine or feminine but ensuring messaging is not assuming the type of people visiting your website.

The Rise Of One Page Websites/Landing Pages

This trend has seen an increase in popularity and for good reason with attention spans becoming shorter. However, I do want to foreshadow that what content and design you do have available is equally important to ensure it’s an impactful 1 pager. This 1 page approach provides 1 place to get all the information you need without the additional distractions of navigating and searching. Need support with your landing or sales page? This is going to be a great resource to help you bring this to life in less than 24 hours!

Encapsulating The ColoUr Trends Of 2022

Pantone claims that the colours for 2022 is Very Peri which is like a periwinkle colour representing the hope, joy, and expression heading into this year. 99 Designs states this application of adventurous pastels, hence the Very Peri and playful and saturated pastel colours along with earthy tones like your rustic orange and greens. As well as jewel tones with neutrals - an ode to the vintage times, but this pairing will air a sense of sophistication that isn’t overly saturated.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. It’s wonderful you’re tuning in to get a good grasp on what’s relevant and coming out but do what works 80% of the time and you’ll have that 20% to continue to have fun and experiment with what works with your brand. Time to double down!

Remember that these are trends. They do not define you. They will help you best communicate that overall look and feel that is 200% you.

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