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Limited spots available for 2024!


get everything on your design wishlist
crossed off in just one day!


You deserve to feel on top of the world.


"Design new graphics or content" is something you keep putting off. You keep fooling yourself that you're going to DIY this but months continue to pass you by and you aren't showing up online.


You have been in business for a few years and a lot has evolved and changed, but your brand and website no longer reflect your values and caliber of work you create for your clients.


You're doing well in your business but are feeling stretched for time in your day wearing all the hats. But you don't have time to take on your commitments yourself but are also struggling to find the time to outsource these assets.

this is for you If:

✔️ Take a deep breath. let's play it out!
Imagine if you had more well-deserved CEO time.

You are the best investment in your business. You can have your design wishlist ready to roll out in one day together, so you can get the magical results you desire without the hefty price tag for things you may not truly need.

✨ Imagine if you had a much shorter to-do list.
You can let go of the guilt of having "get your launch graphics done" on the backburner for weeks or months on end, so you can say goodbye to waiting months to even get started.


Imagine if you had the sustainable business of your dreams without sacrificing your capacity. You can get access to editable branded assets, tools, and systems ready so you can generate qualified leads today while you're taking a well-deserved vacation.

which of these to-do lists look most like yours?

However mishmashed and wild you think your design wishlist looks like, you'll be amazed by how much we can get done in one day together.

VIP Design Day To Do List Mockups.jpg
VIP Design Day To Do List Mockups.jpg

"While the process was fun and felt more like play than work, the biggest win for me was having everything completed in just the one day. It was a huge relief to have the website up and running instead of it sitting there, lonely, sad, alone, as I picked away at it during a random lunch break once every five weeks. Now, it's thriving online like a beautiful shiny web baby, scoring compliments from many clients."
Shannon Mulligan,
The Freelance Squad


"Revamping my website has been great for my business! It offers a more professional look in comparison to what I had previously DIY'ed and is also easier to navigate. I've really enjoyed working with Christine and I'm very happy with how my business and brand are represented online!"

Benslyne Avril,

Therapy with Empathy


"My website captures what I'm actually doing rather than listing arbitrary services. I was pessimistic about what we could actually get done in a day and expectations were surpassed about what we were able to accomplish together!"

Marissa Badgley,
True Reloveution




here's what you can expect once you've booked your design day

VIP design day process

It's a 4-hour or an 8-hour intensive together

When booking your Design Day, you will be committing to showing up for these live sessions (top of the morning, mid-day, and end of day). On the day of, you will need to be responsive via Voxer for quick action to keep the project moving swiftly and efficiently to create foundations for the best design that it can be.



Beforehand, you'll complete a questionnaire so we can engage in increased accuracy and depth with a tested and true intake process to ensure all your assets (brand guidelines, imagery and copy) are ready to rock 'n roll with ease.

You will fill out this questionnaire at least 1 week prior to our dedicated Design Day together. This link will be sent after you've booked your Design Day. I will ensure that we are able to hit the ground running with all your assets to co-create your vision!


top of the DAY: checkin

First thing's first, we'll have a check-in so we can get on the same page from the very beginning to trust the creative process together.

You hear that it's not about how fast you go, but knowing what direction you're going, but with this checkin, you're getting 2 in 1! You will show up for this live 30-minute ZOOM session. I'll be reviewing everything every step of the way for maximum sales opportunities with a success action plan for your goals and objectives on your design wishlist.



ALL-DAY 1:1 voice chat ACCESS & Live edit session


To ensure quick, efficient and clear communications, you will receive voice chat access so you get my calendar completely blocked off, available to pick my brain during the full time slot and to edit in real time and keep things moving forward towards your goals.

Then we'll meet halfway through the day to
dive into edits live in real time together to focus on any gaps, fine tune your vision, and to reach a solution you feel is integral to your values and worthy of your new offer. Feel seen and heard regardless of the design jargon and vocabulary you have in your arsenal. You will show up for this live 45 to 60-minute ZOOM session. I'll provide a custom and elevated look that commands a professionally presence, attracting eager clients ready to pay in full again and again.


end of day: tutorial & wrap-up

Finally, you'll show up for a live 30-minute ZOOM session. You'll receive a tutorial and wrap-up session so you can feel comfortable and confident moving forward as you have the know-how strategy, tools, and resources to ensure you have the know-how and resources to continue growing.



what can be accomplished on a design day?

When you invest in a Design Day, you are committing to a day with focused attention that's dedicated specifically to you and your needs. Instead of these design tasks on your backburner for the last 6-12 months, you can get it done in a day together (plus have a dedicated lunch break). Efficiency is the name of my game! We will aim to get as much done as possible during our time together so you can get those BIGGGG tasks off your to-do list! 
Note: Time from the VIP Design Day can not be banked for future use.

In the case that you need more time to complete the work we are prioritizing for your Design Day, there is an option to extend with an additional half or full day in order to complete further items on your design wishlist. 


✔️ ​Social media content and branded templates in Canva

✔️ Marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, presentation decks, and workbooks

✔️ Editable and branded print materials like business cards, letterheads or postcards 


✔️ 5-page website refresh

✔️ Long-form sales page for a launch of a new campaign, course, program, or product/collection

✔️ Email sequences built out

✔️ Brand development like defining your colour palette, moodboards with royalty-free images, or additional graphic elements for future use 

VIP design day

get everything on your design wishlist crossed off that to-do list in one day!

Step 1: Click the link to my calendar and book a clarity call
Step 2: Let's chat and see if it's a good fit
Step 3: Book in your VIP Design Day and let's celebrate!

If you were to look at a global agency, the industry standard with half and full Design Day rates are at least double if not way more. This is where they are increasing their billable hours which means more time extended for your deliverables, plus additional usage rights fees, and more. But with these VIP Design Days, you just pay $5K and walk away with everything created on your dedicated day.

Full Design Day

Half Design Day

BOOK now!

want to have a conversation about whether a vip design day is for you?

Book a free 30-minute call with Christine to ask any questions you have about the half and full VIP Design Day.

Hi, I'm christine!

I've compiled almost 10 years of graphic design experience into one day together, to help you bring your vision to life with ease. I'm so excited for you to bring your design wishlist to life. Gone are the days of DIYing everything and leaving things up to chance. Time to say hello to taking action now to strike while the iron is hot with that new idea, launch, and opportunity you've got coming up in order to elevate your existing brand to bring out its full potential.

When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping thousands of purpose-driven brands level up. I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs create your bold legacies to increase your impact and sales in a sustainable way.

Orange badge.png
Orange badge.png
Orange badge.png

❌ You have lost clients because you haven't updated your website in over a year

Old service pricing, broken intake form, manually inputting details into an excel sheet, outdated brand photography from years ago, the list goes on and people are bouncing never to return. Let's free up your time and energy being bogged down from your day-to-day and get you proud to share your website with the world. Beyond relentless amount of 250 hours a year or $, this could be the difference!

❌ You don't have the confidence because you're hesitating to reach out to your dream clients because of your brand identity 

You are making it up and changing colours and fonts on the fly. Time to ditch the daily experimentation and say hello to foundations you can play with ease. Have your trust go-to resources and files in place to build out those partnerships and opportunities with relief. Beyond the headaches and anxiety to show up online, $ could make the difference between you showing up as the expert in your industry versus "Joe Smith" on the 10th page of Google.

❌ You are missing out on opportunities because your capacity is stretched to the max.

Are you so tired by the end of the day that you didn't have time to even read through what your assistant put together? Let's Sparknotes this process and ensure you have editable templates and autonomy to land opportunities efficiently. Let's ensure you feel good with your clients from the get-go and are setting the precedent with a boost of energy.

what's possible for you?


website traffic 4x to 20,000 monthly visits

revenue 3x from last year

"When we started together, we had just under 5000 monthly visitors. After about 9 months, our website increased beyond and e-book and webinar sales tripled since our site was redesigned."

Gina Conley, Mamaste Fit

Michael Rose Gardens website.jpg
Michael Rose Gardens.jpeg

“I really want to emphasize that the website you made for me really helped my transition back to the city and took the fear away from being able to secure enough work. I have only attracted high quality clients and people who understand my point of view right out of the gate. My new clients and I are excited to collaborate together and I feel trusted and respected. I truly feel like the branding clarity you provided and the work you did on my website launched me into another tier of professionalism that sets me apart.” 

Michael Rose, Michael Rose Gardens


1000 visits on her website in her 1st month + new social media followers every day

"Before, my business was mostly based on word of mouth, it was confusing, payments delayed and struggled gaining new customers. Now with the website, 100% of my customers are paying me on time, and I am getting a new returning customer purchasing on every orderI couldn't have done it without the power of Christine!"

Selena Martin, Cravin' Kingston

Plainstage Client mockups - CL Designs.jpg
Plainstage-headshots 2023.jpg

“One of the most critical things is to work with a designer who just gets it. It was so obvious that you had a clear sense of product market fit, identity, and more. The depth of the questions you had asked us let us know that we were in good hands. We are feeling a lot more focused and confident on what our offer, message, and brand is.” 

Sarah Marchand Angelle and Don Burks, Plainstage


200 travellers booked for experiences in 3 months.

"You educated me. I learned more
and more how important it is to outsource things. I don't need to know it all. Get with an expert that does!

Kendra and Kelvin,
Younique Ventures


Client mockups-CL Designs-BiancaDiPietro-2022.jpg
Kristi Cline website.jpg
Client mockups - CL Designs- Reloveution.jpg
Garden variety movement mockups-CL Designs-roundup.jpg
Shannon Mulligan website mockup 2022.jpg
Jenn Shenouda Levine website.jpg
Mary Anne Loafman website.jpg


Q: How do I figure out which service is right for me?
When looking to book a Design Day, this is suitable for business owners who are looking for a quick turnaround time with an expert who is able to deliver quality in a timely manner. If you're looking for quick execution, this is for you. The choice for half and full Design Days will be dependent on what you're expecting to complete and the time required to do a quality job.

If you have a longer timeline and are looking for a more comprehensive process, the signature packages for full service is available as well. This is for projects that require further extensive strategy and designs.


Q: This all sounds too good to be true.

A: Throughout our time working together in this quick and efficient method, you'll have access to an expert to guide you throughout each step of the process, who's been through it and is on your side cheering you on. Not only will have walk away having the know-how to understand clearly how to develop, launch, and maintain with confidence but you will also have all your designs completed in a day to keep that needle moving forward towards your goals.

If you're on the fence; don't wait to long. There are currently up to 4 spots available each month!


Q: What do I need to get started?
Once you fill out the questionnaire for intake, it will help gather the assets (brand guidelines, photography, etc.) to hit the ground running come Design Day. If you need someone to help with copy to support your designs, I'd be happy to introduce you to a trusted copywriter who can write it for you. Their additional fees and timelines will apply. Reach out at

Q: I'm interested but I need to see if I have enough cashflow first. What should I do?

A: That's great! As a fellow business owner, I appreciate you're conscious of what you're investing in. But how are you adapting? 

What I’ve found is that those who are breaking out and doubling down with other avenues and streams of income are really able to go from surviving to thriving during these times. There isn’t only 1 other to compete with in your industry, and you’re competing for the same pool of money.

I’ve found that if you continue doing what you were previously doing, it’s not a long-term tactic. A new stream of lead generation and income will help drive sales and conversions! The reality is most businesses don’t have 12 months of cashflow to survive and if that's the case, you need the strategy and resources to thrive.


Go look at that cashflow now! There are only limited spots left for this year.


get everything on your design wishlist crossed off that to-do list in one day!

Step 1: Click the link to my calendar and book a clarity callStep 2: Let's chat and see if it's a good fit
Step 3: Book in your VIP Design Day and let's celebrate!

If you were to look at a global agency,
the industry standard with half and full Design Day rates are at least double if not way more. This is where they are increasing their billable hours which means more time extended for your deliverables, plus additional usage rights fees, and more. But with these VIP Design Days, you just pay less than $5K
and walk away with everything created on your dedicated day.

Full Design Day

Half Design Day

join now!



Quarterly Retainer

Get access to four 4-hour intensives total throughout the year. You can use this once per quarter to get a refresh and ensure your strategy and goals align with your deliverables and collateral. Immerse yourself in exclusive access to continue elevating your designs all year-long.

Bi-Annual Retainer

Get access to two 4-hour intensives total throughout the year. You can use these VIP sessions once every 6 months to tailored and address your maintenance design needs.

want to have a conversation about whether A VIP DESIGN day is for you?

Book a free 30-minute call with Christine to ask any questions you have about the half or full VIP Design Day.

refund policy

Because of the bespoke nature of this offer, I'm unable to offer refunds. Please make sure that you are certain about your offer with finalized copy before our Design Day.

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