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I have an important question for creative entrepreneurs.

Have you taken every online training?

Spent way too many hours hunched over on your computer trying to customize on Canva?


And still feel exhausted creating content each month?

What if...

There was a way to achieve optimize your content batching so you don't have to post on the fly again?

There was a way to customize your Canva templates without frustration or looking like everyone else on the internet?


Would you finally commit to creating content in Canva like a pro?

Let me know - does this sound familiar?
✔️ You've batched your content thanks to the Canva templates but end up looking like everyone else who has used it on Instagram and are just blending in

✔️ You are a ghost on social because you're you are getting in your own way and not showing up and marketing consistently to your audience

✔️ You have some inspiration of what your brand is but don't have the technical know-how to bring it to life to the caliber you would like to represent

With all of that effort and energy, isn't it about time that you make Canva work for you and your business goals?
You deserve to have next month's content planned instead of feeling like you're behind with anxiety posting on the fly. 

✨ You deserve to feel extraordinarily confident. You should feel proud of how you're showing up instead of dreaming that your feed looked as good, as clear, and cohesive as your favourite online profile.
You deserve to gain the credible analytics for your work and have your content working for you gaining quality leads and sales, so you can take a day off once in awhile instead of slaving away on your computer until 1am.


"I don't have enough time."
I get it that priorities are up in the air right now. Are you giving up on your business? If your business is still important to you, we can figure out ways to be productive when you do spend time on your business, it's focused and optimized for maximum results to your bottom line.

"I don't have any budget for anything."

As a business owner, I understand that you have big goals and dreams to impact this world with. And you’re pulled in many directions of what to best invest in to get the most return at this stage. When you're competing for the same pool of money, the importance of a professional, consistent, and cohesive digital presence is more important than ever to make you that undeniable choice to drive sales and conversions.

"I'm overwhelmed with wearing all of the hats in my business.
Is this really going to provide an ROI?"

I hear you, I’m a business owner too. I appreciate that you’re conscious of not burning yourself out at both ends of the candle so you can continue showing up. Content creation and marketing will allow your business to flourish. You will be guided through easy step-by-step instructions that ultimately feels right for your brand, streamline your process, and able to reduce that friction so you can focus on your zone of genius.

I hear you. Don’t worry - I’ve got you.
Let’s get you to your version of success.

The good news is that optimizing your content creation process and customizing your designs is now closer than ever!

If you've read this far, you'll already know that clarity, consistency, and conversions are the 3 critical elements to building a brand.

But maybe you didn't' know that by mastering these tips and tricks I'm about to share with you, you'll have the power to:
✨ Cut your content creation time in half

✨ Save on future marketing spend

✨ Market and launch your next offer in just a few days to get you the sales you deserve

You can have all of this!
I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to THE... 

ultimate canva masterclass

A 60-minute online masterclass for entrepreneurs
who are ready to cut their content creation time in half
and show up consistently and confidently.

Say buh-bye to cookie cutters graphics that make you stand out like a sore thumb.
And learn to build out your brand assets to promote your upcoming classes, launches, and programs with ease.

My name’s Christine Lieu.
When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top purpose driven brands level up and launch $90K+ Kickstarter campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs make their first foray into branding and content creation. Whether you're looking to breathe new life into your pitch decks, proposal packages, to brand kit, I've been there and so have my clients.

I’ve helped people who have felt just like you do now.





"I was having trouble envisioning exactly what I wanted. She gave me a lot of clarity and looked at the little things I wasn't paying attention to. It was a complete changer. My Instagram is aesthetically pleasing, I know where I want to go with everything, and she continues to support me to this day."

— Laurelle Fullan, 
Wild Wandering Creations


"I learned how her success stories gain a larger following and sales from consistent sales. I implemented everything right away and it was easy to follow and since then, I've shown up consistently online. It's literally cut my content creation time in half! I've been able to put out more content that's professional and clean,
and who I am."

— Christina Paruag, FemEvolve and Toronto Professional Womens Meetup


"I truly feel more confident than when I started. It's like building blocks with LEGO; unsure where to start, then over time with consistency, everyone will be able to identify my brand."

— Ilia Francis,
Ilia Francis social selling


In these 60 minutes together, we will be DIVING INTO...
Canva free vs. pro - Let's candidly chat about what the benefits are of what you can slide by with the free version versus the pro to optimize for your specific business needs and the content you'll be creating.
setting up your brand kiT- By setting this up once in a few clicks, you'll be forever grateful to whiz through your content creation in a breeze with all your colours, fonts, and logos setup from the get-go.
customizing your branding elements- Whether you've used pre-existing Canva templates or hired a freelancer to customize social templates for you, learn how you can expand and customize templates with your own personality and twist. Go from blending in to standing out as you scroll through Instagram.

hacks and tricks- Reduce that overwhelm and frustration by learning these few techniques to crop backgrounds out, apply a cohesive filter to photos, and find the right icons to jazz up your content. With quick clicks, you can make Canva be your hardest working marketing bestie and learn a guided walkthrough with the new ai-powered features to stay ahead of the curve!

content batching process- Cut your content creation time in half! No more worrying about the next month's content when you can batch everything you need in just a few hours (yes, that also includes your captions and scheduling).

how to export efficiently and effectively- Batch your exporting with 1 quick click and ensure that the file type is right for what you need for multiple uses. What's the difference between a JPG vs. a PNG anyways? The answer: lots!

Plus dedicated Q&A time to get your specific questions answered!


1 hour masterclass video
so you can refer back to it when you're creating next month's content and optimize your process so you're being the most efficient business owner you can be, and get back to what you love most. Plus the replay will be available so you can be present and soak up all the knowledge live!

A Canva cheatsheet
for quick reference to tackle those fussy technical challenges in just a few quick clicks!

* Additional offer: Canva design review *
For an additional fee, you will get the added benefit of an expert at your fingertips. Submit one of your Canva designs for me to review in detail and send you back a 1-3 minute response walking you through key details and tips to optimize your design for impact and sales. Get your access to this when you checkout!

Are you in?

grab your's now!

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