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If you're looking for a speaker who can instantly connect with an audience, bring an infectious enthusiasm and deliver action-packed value to your audience, Christine Lieu is your keynote speaker, workshop host, panelist, or facilitator for your next event!

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Scarcello, StartupTO

I had the immense pleasure of having Christine as a speaker at my event, StartupTO. Her presentation was captivating and filled with so many tips and goodies for the audience. My attendees loved her presentation and requested info to connect with her at the end of the event. Consistency has been my biggest takeaway from your posts and presentation. I would love to have her speak again!

meagan williamson, pin potential Summit

If you are considering inviting Christine to speak at your next event, do not hesitate! I hosted a large online event and was so thrilled when Christine said "yes". Working with her was a dream - she was responsive, asked great questions, met deadlines and shared a super value packed workshop that attendees loved. Not only did Christine share her expertise and knowledge, she showed up to engage and support the event attendees. I highly recommend Christine!

Lana karapetyan,

women who freelance

Christine was one of the featured
speakers at our panel discussion regarding taking the freelance leap from full-time to self-employed. She was
energetic, inspiring and very approachable. She was able to relate with the audience and give powerful information and tips in her talk with our group. Christine also made herself available to people one-on-one after the panel and during a networking session. It was great having her!



with purpose


brand-360 audit

starting your biz: going from 9 to thrive



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