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get your sales page live in a day

have your sales page ready to publish in less than 24 hours

sales pages designed on...



You've been DIYing
your design 

But want to take it to the next level and ensure that the layout best communicates and converts your dream clients.


You value putting your best foot forward online, but are challenged by how to design and communicate your offer. Perhaps you're not even sure of what to even include on your sales page. I've got your back!


You've put your website on the back burner for months.
It's been living in the drafts graveyard or in a Google doc for what: 3, 6, 12+ months? Let's make you your investment back ten-fold by publishing your offer to the world today.

this is for you If:

in my 10 years serving social good businesses, small business owners and coaches, i have found By working together through this journey,
you'll have the power to:

✨ Confidently create a sales asset that will serve you long-term

You deserve to share your expert credibility and authority. We'll design your sales page and have it out in the world in less than 24 hours, so you can start reaching and supporting your dream clients ASAP.

✨ Set up tools, habits, and systems to generate quality and loyal leads 
Free of the dread that you've got to be in your DMs making connections 24/7 when you'd much rather be strolling on a Fall hike with apple cider in hand with a toasty crackling fireplace with your name on it.

✨ Increase your sales by 200% with clients who buy again and again
Without draining your energy and pride down the drain whenever someone asks for your website.


"Before I was on the hot mess express and tried days and days and days to try to create the most basic content. I knew I needed to hire a professional and am so glad I did as you helped nurture me throughout the entire process."
Jennifer Macones, 
Make Your School Awesome

Branded Photos - DD - 1 (1).jpg

"Previously I've talked to other consultants, but through working with Christine, these tools and strategy are going to make it easier to create and spend time on the things I want to do."

Samira Bulushi,
Digitally Decluttered

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 6.52.35 PM.png

"I couldn't believe how fast the process was! That was so easy and quick. I will never work with anyone ever again. I'm spoiled for life. I don't know how you do it but it's like magic!"

Emma Berglund,
LRH Creatives & Fancity Central




sales page in a day

fast-track your success in 24 hours with quality leads, an additional income stream, and know-how to confidently make sales with ease.

Step 1: Book Your Design Day
Step 2: Pop it in the calendar
Step 3: Pat yourself on the back

Pay In Full

3mo Payments Of

BOOK now!

HST will be applied at checkout.

want to have a conversation about whether sales page in a day is for you?

Book a free 30-minute call with Christine to ask any questions you have about the Sales Page in a Day.

Here are the 3 reasons why you're still lacking capacity, flow, and confidence to cLOSE sales.

"I'm fine DIYing and my website is good enough."

I get it. You're wonderful! And well done, your website has gotten you this far. However you could be missing out on opportunities if you're not putting your best foot forward.

You do need something professional and credible to share with your clients in order to trust and buy from you with ease. 

"I don't have enough money for this right now."

As a fellow business owner, I appreciate what you're investing in. Websites can make you money from a new lead generation to sell your newest launch of your program, product collection, service announcement and more. 

With paying for your domain and hosting platform, shouldn't your website be optimized to make you money? That's why putting your best foot forward and ensuring you have a page that's replicable for success is your best ROI to make back your investment and more!

"I'm not sure if this will even convert to sales!"

You've got a juiiiicy offer waiting to break free into the world! People need the opportunity to learn more now.

By having a tested and true system that is personalized to your specific brand's needs and offer, you're able to show up with confidence and increase those sales (and rates)! You deserve clients who are excited to pay in full time for your high ticket offer, time and time again.

here's what happens when you book your sales page in a day


It's an 8-hour intensive together

When booking your Design Day, you will be committing to showing up for these live sessions (top of the morning, mid-day, and end of day). On the day of, you will need to be responsive via Voxer for quick action to keep the project moving swiftly and efficiently to create foundations for the best design that it can be.

proven questionnaire model

intake questionnaire.png

Beforehand, you'll complete a questionnaire so we can engage in increased accuracy and depth with a tested and true intake process to ensure all your assets (brand guidelines, imagery and copy) are ready to rock 'n roll with ease.

You will fill out this questionnaire ahead of our Sales Page in a Day. This link will be sent after you've booked your Design Day. I will ensure that we are able to hit the ground running with all your assets to co-create your vision!


top of the morning: checkin

First thing in the morning, we'll have a check-in so we can get on the same page from the very beginning to trust the creative process together.

You hear that it's not about how fast you go, but knowing what direction you're going, but with this checkin, you're getting 2 in 1! You will show up for this live 30-minute ZOOM session. I'll be reviewing everything every step of the way for maximum sales opportunities with a wireframe for you to review for the overall flow and structure of the webpage (your landing or sales page).


top of the morning checkin.png

mid-day: Show & tell edit 

Then we'll meet halfway through the day to dive into edits live in real time together to focus on any gaps, fine tune your vision, and to reach a solution you feel is integral to your values and worthy of your new offer. 

Feel seen and heard regardless of the design jargon and vocabulary you have in your arsenal. You will show up for this live 45 to 60-minute ZOOM session. I'll provide a custom and 
elevated look that commands a professionally presence, attracting eager clients ready to pay in full again and again.


mid day session.png

end of day: tutorial & wrap-up


Finally, you'll show up for a live 30-minute ZOOM session. You'll receive a tutorial and wrap-up session so you can feel comfortable and confident moving forward as you have the know-how strategy, tools, and resources to back you up and save hours of work along with future marketing spend! I'll provide you the replay video, launch mockups, and Voxer access for on-going support.

Ready for those sales to fly right in? Get ready to let your community know about your juicy offer as we press publish together with professional mockups to share in your upcoming IG post and newsletter. 

Feel at ease that something you've been dreaming of for months has been completed in less than 24 hours! PLUS you'll have 7-day support from this launch via Voxer to cheer you on, my friend!


tutorial and wrapup.png

what's included?

  • Custom sales page design published at the end of the day

  • Mockups to visually demonstrate your sales offer

  • Tutorial with replay video to ensure you have the on-going support and take the guesswork out of it

  • 7-day Voxer support after your launch

are you ready?

Hi, I'm christine!

I've compiled almost 10 years of graphic design experience into 24 hours together, to help you bring your vision to life with confidence. I'm so excited for you to have a sales page that'll bring ease instead of stressing you. out at 3am, and consistently convert your dream clients so you finish off the year with a well-deserved cash injection and reclaimed time to spend the holidays with your family guilt-free that you "should be" working.

When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top purpose-driven brands level up and launch their newest campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs create your bold legacies and stop the scroll in order to increase your impact and sales.


what's possible for you?


"When we started together, we had just under 5000 monthly visitors. After about 9 months, our website traffic has increased over 4x the amount to over 20,000 monthly visits, and our
e-books and webinar revenue has tripled from last year before our site was redesigned."

Gina Conley, Mamaste Fit


"Before, my business was mostly based on word of mouth, it was confusing, payments delayed and struggled gaining new customers. Now with the website, 100% of my customers are paying me on time, and I am getting a new returning customer purchasing on every order


In a month, I have had 1000 visits on my website, I get new social media followers everyday - it is growing more and more and I couldn't have done it without the power of Christine!"

Selena Martin, Cravin'

Melanie Hall - 3 - 0160.jpg

"DIYing my sales page would've dampened what I have worked on already. I feel confident knowing I have something professional and a strong representation of what it is I'm offering."

Melanie Hall, Life Skills With Mel


Q: How do you get this all done in a day?
Efficiency is the name of my game! This is a tested and true system to ensure that you have a professional and credible sales page that you can confidently share to increase your impact and sales.
We start the day off at 9am EST with a top of the morning check-in to ensure we're on the same page from the get-go. As I design throughout the day, we'll have Voxer access for quick chats together and Asana for a clear and user-friendly project management platform. In the afternoon, we will check in with a Show & Tell edit session together to fine tune your vision. Upon wrapping up, at 4:30/5:00pm EST, you'll be able to ask any final questions you have about your specific custom sales page. My goal for you is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident maintaining content and designs moving forward. You'll also get access to the replay video for future reference. The sales page will be completed within 24 hours but the lifetime of this sales page has many more opportunities. Plus you'll have on-going support via Voxer for 7 days after your launch.

Q: WHO is this package best suited for?

A: This package is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who can not afford to have your sales page flop! If you're launching a new high ticket service, brand new product collection, or a coach promoting your new program into 2022, you need this.


Q: This all sounds too good to be true.

A: Throughout our time working together in this quick and efficient method, you'll have access to an expert to guide you throughout each step of the process, who's been through it and is on your side cheering you on. Not only will have walk away having the know-how to understand clearly how to develop, launch, and maintain with confidence but you will also have a custom sales page in a day that will have be a key component to your lead-generation funnel.

If you're on the fence; don't wait to long. There are currently 3 spots available!


Q: I'm interested but what if I don't have copy completed yet?
No problem at all! Don't let this be a barrier to getting your sales page up and ready in less than 24 hours. As part of your enrolment, I've partnered with Katy Prince who will help you write your own copy. If you prefer someone to write it for you, I'd be happy to introduce you to a trusted copywriter who can write it for you. Their additional fees and timelines will apply. Reach out at

Q: I'm interested but I need to see if I have enough cashflow first. What should I do?

A: That's great! As a fellow business owner, I appreciate you're conscious of what you're investing in. But how are you adapting? 

What I’ve found is that those who are breaking out and doubling down with other avenues and streams of income are really able to go from surviving to thriving during these times. There isn’t only 1 other to compete with in your industry, and you’re competing for the same pool of money.

I’ve found that if you continue doing what you were previously doing, it’s not a long-term tactic. A new stream of lead generation and income will help drive sales and conversions! The reality is most businesses don’t have 18 months of cashflow to survive and if that's the case, you need the strategy and resources to thrive.


Go look at that cashflow now! This hot offer only has 3 spots available right now!

sales page in a day

fast-track your success in 24 hours with quality leads, an additional income stream, and know-how to confidently make sales with ease.

Only 3 spots available.

Step 1: Book Your Design Day
Step 2: Pop it in the calendar
Step 3: Pat yourself on the back

Pay In Full

3mo Payments Of

HST will be applied at checkout.

join now!

want to have a conversation about whether sales page in a day is for you?

Book a free 30-minute call with Christine to ask any questions you have about the Sales Page in a Day.

refund policy

Because of the bespoke nature of this offer, I'm unable to offer refunds. Please make sure that you are certain about your offer with finalized copy before our Design Day.

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