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The ultimate guide to brand copy and how to get a website in a day

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I want to share a story with you today. You are made of magic and the world needs to see more of it! When I first started working with Shannon, she was very overwhelmed and stressed about her website. She has been in business as a personality-driven content and copywriter for years but her professionalism and credibility wasn't reflective of the work she’s created. She’s worked with big names like ShopifyPlus, Lululemon, Ritual, HelloFresh and more! Though her business was thriving, she didn’t have capacity to update it herself with everything else going on. We decided to focus on getting her website updated so that she could start booking more clients and have her portfolio do a lot of that heavy lifting when it came to decision making. She wanted something that reflected her style and personality while still being professional. Listen to today's podcast as we:

1.) Demystify some terms about what brand voice, brand messaging and unique value proposition actually is.

2.) Address the right language to use to enhance your impact when it comes to personal branding in your copy for areas like your bio and website. 3.) The top 3 things business owners can do today to improve their content and copywriting

Shannon has a lot of creative energy and ideas, but it's difficult sometimes for her to communicate that personality cohesively in her marketing, like on her website. We organized a process for us to go through together to make sure we were both on the same page and team when it came to priorities and expectations for our VIP Design Day. Before, her previous designer created it in a way where she couldn’t edit a single thing. As a copywriter especially with new content and wanting to boost her SEO, it was important to have autonomy to change things easily. Now she can change things herself without having to wait on me or anyone else! She feels more on top of things thanks to our live tutorial and wrap-up session together where we walked through step-by-step how to edit text, photos, button links, and more. Plus she has it available for future support through the replay video!

The results? She feels more on top of things & can share her work confidently as she immediately books clients now and builds out her roster for The Freelance Squad

⭐ She feels like she has control, capability and agency to make changes quickly and efficiently

⭐ She has ditched stress and guilt behind by being able to reclaim quality time with her family and able to shut the computer down knowing everything’s been taken care of

Want results like Shannon?

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