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ep12: Serve Yourself First-The Importance of Discovery

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In today’s episode, we’re carving out space for you if you’re feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Find more ways to use this time to connect with your why and learn how to make self-care a non-negotiable in your life. Plus, Christine and Dani (@danicaSNelson) discuss what happens when your work becomes your entire identity and hear how these two are successfully navigating the unexpected challenges of today.

Danica (Dani) is a passionate music enthusiast, foodie and world traveller. Dani is the creator of Liberty Leave, an intentional act of leaving behind what doesn’t bring you liberty, for what does by planning, pausing and pivoting. With this project, she shines a spotlight on inspiring people taking their own Liberty Leaves including everything from career pivots, navigating entrepreneurship, self-development, travel journeys, and more. By day, Dani is also an award-winning Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies.

What to Listen For:

  • Why does keepin it 100 with your audience always win? Consistency and transparency through the ups and downs. (2:49)

  • How can you make self-care non-negotiable (even when life gets hectic)?(6:11)

  • Are you navigating challenging times? The 3 best pieces of advice we’ve heard. (8:31)

  • Need to have a bit more fun? Celebrate this. (13:30)

Resources From This Episode:

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