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Over 200+ purpose-driven business owners have learned to achieve brand clarity in as little as 5 days with the…


What if...

There was a way to achieve brand clarity, consistency, AND conversions?

There was a way to do this through social media without decision fatigue?


Would you finally commit to building a brand that is a true reflection of you?

There are a limited 50 spots.
the next party happens in oct 2023.

Note: Be the first to be notified when the next cohort of the Brand Party Challenge will be open for enrolment again. When you sign up for this waitlist, you'll be redirected to Mailchimp to officially register for the waitlist. This also means that you will also receive my future weekly newsletter emails for updates throughout the Challenge. If you do not wish to receive future emails - you can absolutely unsubscribe at any time.  Here's CL Designs privacy policy and terms and conditions.

By completing this challenge together,
you'll have the power to:

✨ Share your brand with everyone you know and become a household name

You deserve to know you can maintain stability with your brand with less than 60 minutes a day. Not day-dreaming on Pinterest in front of your sad desk lunch.

✨ Set up tools, habits, and systems that will convert your dream clients 
free of the guilt that you "should be working on your business".
And free of the anxiety about the next fire you need to put out for your client from hell.

✨ Get quality leads, genuine trusted connections and consistent conversions
without hounding  your clients when it comes to invoice day 

Hi, I'm christine!

I've compiled almost 10 years of experience into 5 jam-packed days of training, to help you bring your vision to life with confidence, have tools and resources to back you up to save you time and marketing spend, and consistently convert your dream clients so you don't leave money on the table.

When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top lifestyle brands level up and launch $90K+ Kickstarter campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs make their first steps into branding.

I’ve helped people who have felt just like you do now.

Having earned my stripes in the fast-paced media world, and learned first-hand the challenges faced by startups through my own journey (sometimes the hard way!) I wanted to provide lean and efficient design and branding services that would free businesses to push on with what they’re best at.

Being able to give you the best quality of what works and what doesn't out in the real world is what inspired this Challenge.

Sandra213460 Personal FB.jpg

The Brand Party Challenge was an excellent combination of learning and implementing. Christine provided bite-sized challenges and tools to make progress on my branding in just 5 days. The Brand Party Challenge gave me confidence to choose colours aligned with my business and to consolidate branding guidelines that I use regularly to guide my marketing.

Sandra Reimer, 

Origin Travels.jpg

Since starting my business 2 years ago, I've put digital branding aside in hopes that it would just "come together." Christine encouraged me to face it head-on and really get clear about the colours and emotions I wanted to represent my brand. The Brand Party Challenge was super approachable and fun. It's been a lot easier to approach graphic design now that I have a better idea of the right tools!

Britt Mich,
Origin Travels


What an experience! I came into The Brand Party Challenge confused on how to visually bring the heart of my company to life. Through Christine’s passionate, kind and thorough teaching, I left having the clarity needed to confidently bring my company to life. Christine generously offered her time and knowledge in a way that I’d never seen. Christine seems to genuinely want to see people succeed and I felt the impact of that! She’s top tier, folks!

Santikaro (Travis Cooper),
Luminance Movement

When my services grew, I thought that my rebranding needed to grow with me. That's why I joined the Brand Party Challenge. Through the party, I gained a lot more clarity on our intentions, how we want to make our clients feel, and reminding us about the missing of why we started this. I gained a lot of confidence and understanding of what my goals were, how to reach my clients, and how to connect and show up for them every day.

Mandy Lee,
Mandy Calligraphy
& Soji Interiors


Let me know...
does this sound familiar?

✔️ You've hired a freelancer you’ve met online based on price versus experience - the result was well, not much. They never replied to your email or ghosted you as soon as it was time to get to work.

✔️ Deep down, you aren't showing up the way you need to in order to ask for the worth you deserve

✔️ You believe your brand is only your logo and not creating the emotional connection with the people that matter most

I have an important question for purpose-driven business owners:
Have you taken every online training?

Had a failed attempt to DIY for way too long, blazing through membership after membership, or outsource dodgy freelancers on Etsy
 or Fiverr?

And still feel overwhelmed building your own brand from scratch?

Here are the 3 reasons why you're still lacking clarity, conNECTIONS, and delivering you consistent sales. 

"I don't have time with everything else I have on my plate"

I'm a business owner too. I couldn't always get a month's worth of social content done in an afternoon. You're going to get access to the exact method that I use to cut the time I spend on my branding, in half.

"I am at capacity right now."

Totally get it! Like, how do you sum yourself up in 5 colour codes?! It's a very big, scary decision to make. This is why when you enroll in what I'm about to share with you - I'll be taking you through the exact questions that I get 100% clarity for me and my clients. Reduce that decision fatigue when you have the clear direction of exactly how to show up and what to do.

"I've tried to brand myself before but it
didn't feel like me"

You're right - the way you show up online should be close as humanly possible to you! That's why the opportunity I'm about to share with you helps you overcome this so your core values are reflective in your branding.

I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to THE... 


A fast-track for purpose-driven business owners looking to realize your brand vision and guide it with clarity.

We'll set up foundations to help you become a Visionary in your business and make bank in as little as 5 days.



3 branding exercises

☑️  CORE VALUES & TRAITS: Learn these key traits that will support your decision making and your vision for your business. Audit how you're showing up and how you need to pivot.
☑️  COLOUR PALETTE: Create the bold first impression that sticks (in a good way!) by conveying the emotions, experiences, and associations that feel just like you.
☑️  EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: By determining your mood board, you will be able to use this resource to convey your overall look and feel with one quick glance. It's a great resource to share with your brand photographer, designer, or team member.

Value: $300


brand party facebook group

☑️  Enter a safe space that has no room for BS and where you can be honest about your journey. Come as you are!
☑️  When it comes to you and your own brand, it ends up at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. Bet on yourself and prioritize needle-moving activities with a group that will keep you accountable with fellow business owners who understand the challenges you're going through and able to provide live feedback throughout the Challenge.
☑️  Feel relieved knowing that you're not alone in this entrepreneurial Behemoth roller coaster.

Value: $2500



☑️  You will be guided every step of the way with a branding expert at your fingertips for 5 days.
☑️  Plus there may be an additional free juicy resource that has your name on it that will make running your business and creating content a breeze!

☑️  There will be prizes so you'll want to stay tuned and join to find out.

Value: Priceless

Total value of the Brand Party Challenge
= $2800 + a priceless support from a no BS community

But right now, the investment is FREE/PWYC.

Ready for all the fun?

schedule for the week:

Sessions will be live in the Facebook group daily at 11am EST for up to 30 minutes, with the exception of Friday's Q&A and Celebratory call which will last 60-minutes.


Core values





Bonding bubble
Live feedback on work thus far






Celebratory call



Usually I don’t go for challenges, because I get stuck in my head or afraid, but when I finally tried it - the community that Christine has fostered is so supportive, genuine, real, and honest. It gave me clarity, taught me some things about myself personally, and made me a lot more confident going forward with myself and my brand.

Nia Lee,
Socialee Media Agency


The Brand Party Challenge is for anyone looking to elevate their business. I throughly enjoyed the whole experience of learning easily applicable concepts that allow my business to look brighter & attract more potential clients. Thank you Christine for an excellent party!

Taylor Novak,
Novak Medicine


I hadn't thought much about my brand since I started it 4 years ago. The Brand Party Challenge was insightful, fun and refreshing. It gave me a lot to think about and Christine was so informative throughout the entire challenge. Although, only 5 days, it helped me streamline and get my brand up to date with who were are now. I now have full confidence in my brand and all that comes along with it after the Brand Party Challenge.

Shantae Cunningham,
Cobella Financial


This is the best hour-a-day I have spent on my business! Not only do the activities and challenges being clarity to your branding, it’s also loads of fun, empowering and Christine’s positive energy is infectious. If you’re ready to update, upgrade or even just figure out what your branding is all about, the Brand Party Challenge is the best possible place to start!

Kelly Kan,

Oz & Ella Jewellery


Wow! That's all that comes to mind when I think about Christine's Brand Party Challenge. In just one week, she helped me clarify my vision for my brand as a self-published children's book author. The best part was that it was broken down into small, easy-to-understand bits, so that even someone like me (who has no background in designing) could easily think about how to improve her brand. My existing logo did not seem to properly represent my brand. With Christine's help, I was able to narrow down the colors I felt better reflected me and my work.

Sadaf Alam, self-published children's author

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click play to hear what they have to say about the brand party challenge



Q: Who is this Challenge for?
A: If you’re a graphic designer, art director or illustrator looking for more resources from a branding expert, I’ve got many resources such as podcast episodes, tools and more that I’d love to support you with. Send me an email at for all the goodies!

This challenge IS FOR:
Coaches, purpose-driven serviced based businesses in the eco space, mental health, nonprofits, event or wedding planners, product based businesses such as subscription boxes, jewelry, fashion, virtual assistants, facilitators, speakers and fitness instructors.

This challenge will help you whether you’re at the following stages:
1️⃣ Just starting out and unsure where to start - if you’re starting from zero, we’ll lay down the foundations together without the jargon and be guided throughout the whole process to get you crystal clear
2️⃣ Going through a rebrand - this will ensure alignment with the values and assets you’ve created thus far to ensure you’re connecting and closing sales with more of your dream clients
3️⃣ Been in business for 1-3 years and have a set colour palette and hacked together a logo from a relative but something feels like it’s missing - there will be tools to help you evaluate, refresh and realign without twiddling your thumbs in front of your laptop at 1am again

Q: How much time do I need to commit to this?

A: The Brand Party Challenge is all about being efficient and intentional. It can takes about 30-60 minutes a day to achieve results. Of course you could always spend more, but you can achieve these wins in a focused manner.


Q: How long will I have access to the trainings?

A: Once the Brand Party Challenge is completed on Friday. All trainings will halt then. In terms of access, it will be closed as of midnight Monday following the Challenge.


Q: I usually prefer self-guided programs. Is there extra support if I need it?

A: Throughout the Brand Party Challenge, you'll have access to a no BS Facebook community of like-minded business owners who gets the challenges that you're facing. You'll also get access to a live feedback and an opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs on the 3rd day of the Challenge, as well as a Q&A session and celebratory call on the 5th day of the Challenge to answer your specific questions and get you through your roadblocks so you can create your brand vision with clarity.


Q: Are these resources and trainings hard to navigate? I'm not tech savvy.

A: Simplicity is key — I've condensed almost 10 years of experience into just 5 days with your exact steps to your version of success. All access will be facilitated through the Facebook group so there will only need to focus on that area to get easy access to the resources and trainings.


Q: What makes the Brand Party Challenge distinct from all the other bazillion branding challenges and trainings?

A: This Challenge is going to save you time on your branding and content creation while reducing your marketing spend. Having earned my stripes in the fast-paced media world, and learned first-hand the challenges faced by startups through my own journey (sometimes the hard way!) I wanted to provide lean and efficient design and branding services that would free businesses to push on with what they’re best at. No more nights hunched over your laptop until 1am... again, you will create your brand vision that feels authentic to you with clarity and confidence. This is not a 4-12 week program that tries to draw out your results. We act fast to get you the success you absolutely deserve in as little as 5 days.

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