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Need help with that never-ending design list? This is for you.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Still not 100% certain whether a VIP Design Day is right for you? Summer is in full swing! There’s no denying how tempting it is when that bright light peeks through your window in the morning and you know it’s going to be a good day, versus the lack-luster laptop sitting on your desk calling your name, right? When you’re feeling tempted by shorter work days and longer Summer fun outings, you’re going to want to listen up!

You deserve to feel on top of the world! Here are 5 ways to know if now's the right time for a VIP Design Day (as shared by my former clients). 1. Are you feeling lost? Know that those gaps will be taken care of. Eilyn Reyes of Energetic Insights used to feel lost on what to do next when it came to her designs and marketing. After working together on her Services sales page, she feels confident sharing it with her leads and clients. Eilyn feels more secure in the representation of how she’s showing up online, to show others she’s taking it seriously, and for her clients to get the information they need with ease. Throughout the process, she felt that her intuition and goals were heard. She shared, “you’re very patient when I’m looking to formulate things. It was a tight budget for me and I know you support me and I’ll continue to come back. It can feel intimidating to provide feedback but I didn’t feel like I needed to hide. You truly are a sensory-aware human and that’s rare in graphic design! You can listen to directions that doesn’t need to sound from a commercially trained person. To me, that’s your it-factor! And you hear it loud and clear and want to make it happen. You actually care about the outcomes of your clients.” 2. You want to have autonomy in making changes. Before Shannon Mulligan of her own self-named copywriting and content business had a website that was outdated and she wasn’t able to make any changes. She was seeking a fully redesigned portfolio website that evokes the personality and bold nature that she shares in her own writing. Now she has control, capability, and autonomy to make changes easily when updating her website and breadth of work. Plus she got to wrap up just in time to enjoy time with her family in the evening. This is what she had to say; “It’s crazy how much you accomplished in a day! It was very easy on my part. It’s good to have something done off the list that is now done and that is a win in itself that I’m happy with and can send out to others. I really enjoyed that mid-day check-in. To be able to see the work in progress, get excited about what was to come, I was impressed by the amount of progress you made at that point. I very much enjoyed this final tutorial of how to do things myself. Voxer was really great to have those quick yes/no things and to be able to have that open line of communication throughout the day. Plus this end time really worked with my schedule!”

3. You don’t want to leave it up to chance. Before working together on Melanie Hall of Life Skills by Mel’s fully branded website design, she had worked diligently on her copy and messaging. After all that time and energy, she couldn’t have her launch of her new high-ticket coaching program flop. She was able to repurpose these pages for new service offerings and course assets moving forward; saving her time and future marketing spend. This is what Melanie had to say; "DIYing my sales page would've dampened what I have worked on already. I feel confident knowing I have something professional and a strong representation of what it is I'm offering." 4. You want to raise your visibility and increase your sales. Starting your business can be scary and can often feel overwhelming on where to begin. Selena Martin of Cravin’ didn’t have any online presence but knew the value of a supportive customer journey and easy checkout process. Working on her logos and landing page website, it provided a strong foundation for packaging as well as increasing her sales and media opportunities in the first month of putting her business out onto the market. Here’s what Selena had to say; "Before, my business was mostly based on word of mouth, it was confusing, payments delayed and I struggled gaining new customers. Now with the website, 100% of my customers are paying me on time, and I am getting a new returning customer purchasing on every order.

In a month, I have had over 1000 visits on my website, I get new social media followers everyday - it is growing more and more and I couldn't have done it without the power of Christine!" ​

5. You are seeking ease and relief. Miriam Buttu of Fora: Network for Change is a busy director of development and operations of a nonprofit. They don’t have a dedicated communications department and are constantly working on programming for their leaders around the world being stretched for capacity. After working together on their annual reports, she could continue with what she does best while trusting that things will be easy and have the initiative to get it done efficiently. This is what she had to say; "I've honestly worked with a lot of designers over the last few years and the process with Christine is by far the easiest! She is flexible and worked with me on tight timelines." Imagine an entire day of VIP treatment for you and your team. A day where we’ll tackle everything that needs to be done so that when you leave at 5pm, you can go home knowing everything is in order (and not have to worry about it until tomorrow).

If this sounds like something that might be right for you, here are some more details.

The good news is that there are ways to reclaim your time and get things done off your list in one day together!


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