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Impactful Community Tips For 2022 From Our Trusted Experts

On today’s episode we’re diving into top tips on how to build an impactful community according to fellow experts. Some you may have recognized on a past episode of Brand Party such as Rachel Kelly of Make Lemonade and we’re also saying hello to some new guest features from Christina Tolosa, Eva Bloom, D’ana Joi, Jen Macones, and Tanya Garma.

You’re probably asking yourself, how can a community give my business an edge and how can I stand out from the crowd? The fact is, it is more vital than ever!

Why Is It Important?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of communities, especially in marketing. If you take a look at tech communities, they’re thriving. The community is amazing, it’s like a giant family with everyone helping each other and it is so positive. This idea of community should be integrated with everything we do. The method to achieving that big goal should start with building communities where people feel heard, supported and understood. Let’s hear from our experts on what they have to say about creating an impactful community.

Tip 1: Get Personal

Christina Tolosa Pack is the founder of Auntie’s Supply, an Asian-owned superette in downtown Toronto that curates snacks and ingredients for Asian millennials. Her top tip to building an impactful community for 2022 is to get personal. It doesn’t just mean in the about me section in your website, but get your community involved in the journey of growing your company. It could be anything from changes you make in your office or your store, or even on your website. “We want our community to be part of that journey with us and understand why our partners are meaningful”.

So if you're wondering, Where do I start? Ask yourself - What is the biggest value you bring to your community? How did I get here? And share that experience in the form of a carousel post reel or video. And more importantly, you never know what opportunities will come along such as sponsorships, partnerships, and more.

Tip 2: Connect With Your Heart And Your Own Story

For Eva Bloom of What’s My Body Doing, building an impactful community for 2022 means connecting with your heart and your own story and using that to guide you in supporting your clients.

Tip 3: Keep It Simple

Rachel Kelly is the founder of Make Lemonade, a design forward coworking space located in Toronto. Her top tip in 2022 for building a community is to keep it simple.

One little hack she does on Instagram is whenever somebody new joins her and starts following their community, Rachel sends them a voice note or a little note back to them. A simple way to build a community.

Tip 4: Make Sure That You Do Not Take A Seat On Any Kind Of Pedestal

D’ana Joi of Joi Knows How, a space created for multi-passionate creatives. Her top community building tip for 2022 is to make sure that you do not take a seat on any kind of pedestal. Remind your community often that you've been where they are, and that you are in the trenches with them.

Tip 5: Be Your True-Self

Jen Macones of Make Your School Awesome says that building an impactful community for 2022 is through being your true self, and building meaningful relationships with your team. Remember to celebrate success and always radiate positivity.

Tip 6: Actively Bring Your Fans Along Your Journey

Tanya Garma of Grow Getters’ top tip to building an impactful community for 2022 is actively bringing your fans along your journey. In their Grow Getters Club, their members play an integral role in helping to shape what the Club offers. Grow Getters is transparent about their strategy, direction, and the features they create. And their members' feedback is absolutely critical, happy community building.

How Do You Serve Your Community?