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ep09 - The Importance Of Brand Loyalty & Community

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Rachel is the Founder and Chief Lemon of Make Lemonade, a coworking office in the heart of Toronto. Rachel believes that everyone deserves to feel like a boss; whether they’re the CEO or starting their first internship. She encourages everyone to go after their dreams, no matter how big or small, or what lemon life has handed them. Learn how to apply the sizzle and not just the features to what you offer. By asking and valuing your audience, you’re building a community that’s contributing to your growth and strength together. We’re stronger together!

In this episode:

  • Her favourite part about her iconic community, Make Lemonade

  • Community really starts with that trust, loyalty, and core values of your brand

  • Don’t get trapped in the comparison game - learn how to differentiate yourself in a saturated market


Learn more about Make Lemonade

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Make Lemonade is a community of women in business where we connect, collaborate and support each other. Think of a whole community of women who are here to cheer you on through your highs, lows and everywhere in between.

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