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Achieving Brand Success Through Successful Launch Planning

Launch planning is an integral step in determining the success of your brand, product, or service. It can be overwhelming and stressful. Today, I have invited an expert to the show to give us an insight and share her expertise on how to successfully launch your business.

Sara Vartanian is a launch copywriter and strategist who helps coaches, consultants and course creators tune into the words that make the people they love to serve feel seen and heard.

In this episode, Sara shares with us her expertise in launch planning. From pre-launch to the actual launch, Sara guides us to the how-tos of creating content, market research, building your email list and more! But most importantly, how to create and maintain human connections in your customers journey.

When you start with human connection, the leads and sales will follow. - Sara

In this episode:

[01:26] For Sara, Brand Party means fun and energy

[02:27] Building a brand board HQ ahead of time will save you from the overwhelm of branding and design challenges.

[03:59] What exactly is launch copywriting and strategy?

[04:47] A strategy plan is created which includes steps to make a launch happen.

[05:40] To be successful in a launch, you need realistic goals for your audience size and your relationship with your audience.

[07:14] Prep writing creates a foundation you can use for a long time.

[08:21] Market research through surveys, interviews, polls and language can identify the needs of your target market.

[13:33] Honestly address the needs of your audience.

[14:44] Find out where your potential customers are hanging out.

[15:20] Focus on creating one piece of core content per week.

[15:32] Regardless of which social media platform you hangout for your customers, you need to build your email list.

[16:09] Before creating content, start up with a year view of your promo plans.

[17:35] Sara uses Convertkit for automations and Later for scheduling.

[19:11] How often or how much is either too little or not enough?

[20:05] A good rule I follow is creating about three weeks worth of pre-launch content.

[22:13] To build human connection with your audience, you need to genuinely show that they are safe and you care through what you’re offering.

[27:09] In your customer journey, after you have sold your services you can still maintain the human connection by having check-ins with them through surveys or messages, that way you can build more trust and security.

[30:44] Show up and be human. Help people feel seen, heard, and understood in your offers or services. - Sara

[31:25] Sara is celebrating the final touches for her Launch Map.

[32:16] To everyone listening, make more space in your calendar for heart to heart conversations with the folks you love working with.