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#5MinuteMonday: From Ladders To Mountains, How I Climbed My Way To The Top

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

In Season Two’s season finale episode, hear all the juicy details on how Christine started her business. Considering taking the leap and starting your own business? Maybe you once believed that you had to go to school, climb the corporate ladder, get married. Now, you’re thinking about exploring a path that’s more aligned for you. You can choose to live your life on your own terms. Look no further to gather some inspo and lessons to take the leap. Listen in to hear the exact lessons Christine learned when she traded in climbing the corporate ladder to climbing mountains around the world.

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Christine is the founder of CL Designs and the host of Brand Party Podcast. Christine has traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. She helps lifestyle businesses realize their vision and connect with the people most important to them through branding, web design, and social content creation, with a holistic brand 360 perspective. Saying no to dull and clunky visuals and yes to consistency, creativity and efficiency form the core of her approach.

What to Listen For:

  • Can’t get over the guilt of leaving your cushiony job behind? These 2 essentials make it easy to spend time on your own terms. (1:37)

  • You don’t need plans A through Z to get started. Follow this plan to book up your calendar from scratch. (2:40)

  • Feeling courageous? Choose to build your own bold legacy. (3:31)

  • It’s not all work and no play. Try out Christine’s favourite thing to do. (4:37)

  • Speed Recap: 5-point checklist if you are trading in climbing the corporate ladder too. (5:11)

Resources From This Episode:

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About this show: As featured in Top 10 Canada Design and New & Noteworthy Art & Design, the Brand Party Podcast will energize you to invest in your brand in new ways. Join me for tips, insights, and actions you can take to make your brand a priority in your business. My guests and I deliver honest, to-the-point advice you can implement RIGHT AWAY!



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