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2020 year in review

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS! We've made it to the end of this roaring 2020. Congratulations, friend! Don't glaze over this blog post like a dreamy honey-glazed donut because we're not just talking only about the highlight reel here. The CL Designs and Brand Party community are safe to come as you are and we're here to eat it all up and raise a glass to the wins and learning lessons.

This year:

I've helped impact 73 businesses - love my clients! 2,854 interactions (Facebook comments, Instagram DMs, LinkedIn messages, virtual meet, to sales call) And still made sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night Thank you to Make Lemonade for some of these prompts!

2020 was great because... I had the health and resilience to grow and do what I love 2020 has taught me... When there are threats, there are also opportunities. As entrepreneurs, we're natural problem solvers. Think about it; Airbnb, Microsoft, Uber, the list goes on about businesses that were created in the last pandemic and are now thriving because they solve a problem. There are moments to shine your light on a challenge. When I prioritize myself, I show up the best for my clients and those I love most. I can let go of the preconception that taking care of myself is selfish and relinquish the guilt associated. Rest does not dictate your success. If I were to do 2020 over again, I'd give myself this piece of advice: Trust yourself and the process! You are most strong, resilient, and magical than you ever give yourself credit for. Take responsibility for how you react to a situation is more powerful than what's happened "to you."

Go-to song to celebrate my wins: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Most fun project: Renaissance Womanhood's website If you're looking for equal parts sunshine, personal development, and feminism all in one hub, look no further! Before we started working together on Melanie Hall's website, she was challenged by having no website at all to showcase her value and just going down the website trouble-shoot rabbit hole, being all aboard the exhaustion train of doing something she didn't enjoy, and having momentum pickup as she went viral on TikTok but ensuring she had a domain to continue the conversation with. After trusting the process and hiring a professional, Melanie brought that big sister, sunshine energy to pitch her services with confidence, regained control to make an impact on youth while making an income in 2021 despite COVID challenges to her career, and have a newly motivated approach to content that brings her joy, play, and replicable success. Not only is her organization skill unparalleled, none of my other clients have created a presentation to show me their brand during our consult. If you know my brand, I'm all about that bold sunshine feel so this is right up my alley and makes my heart so happy that it's also able to impact others and give Melanie hope for her career.

Community impact projects: G(irls)20 | marketing collateral Check out more of the impact they've created in 2019 with the annual Leadership Performance report for G(irls)20 we worked on together. Through the marketing materials we worked on together, they were able to garner funding from global donors with on time and on budget. In October 2020, they celebrated their 11th Global Summit and first ever virtual Summit. They provided access to world-class leadership training, social enterprise development and mentoring by female leaders in the business and public sectors.

The Collab Spot | website The Collab Spot is Richmond Virginia’s new coworking space and social justice community hub. They are comprised of Black-centered organizations that are committed to racial justice and community through the provision of safe co-working and meeting space, resources, integrative wellness services, and community events. For BIPOC by BIPOC. Through our work together on their website design, they are able to stand out as the #1 choice for Virginia co-working and create a strong digital presence as they launch their Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness and funding for their organization and community.