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did you just watch for taylor swift? here are hard-hitting branding lessons from the superbowl.

Did you just watch for TSwift and her boo? The Superbowl comes and goes every year, but there's a few lessons for sure that remind us how powerful brands and celebrities can be.

Here are a few hard-hitting branding lessons that you can learn from the Superbowl in your business: 1.) The power of personal branding will amplify your gains

In any given year, about 70% of Superbowl ads feature celebrities. Or even look at the impact that Taylor Swift has had to support her boo and how their combined brand value is estimated at $331M+ together for the NFL. This is the power of personal branding and being able to showcase your personality and influence with others in a natural way.

2.) Understand your audience for awareness and understanding The best Superbowl ads resonate most with their audience because they truly understand the demographic watching and what their interests, motivators, and will emotionally connect with. Tailor your messaging to appeal to them effectively. This will promote a sense of understanding and awareness of your brand. 3.) Clear and cohesive branding for loyalty and trust Whether you're performing for the half-timeshow or spending millions on a commercial, ensure that it reinforces your brand's identity and values. You are known for the classics so be clear and unapologetic about how you're representing yourself across all channels from traditional TV to social media. Afterall, you want something people can sing in unison and dance it out to together. You will want it to translate in a strong and memorable way so you can foster brand loyalty and trust for years to come. 4.) Memorability and innovation to stand out in the crowd Being able to craft a signature moment requires a lasting impact, entertainment, emotion, innovation and creativity. Over half of viewers are posting on social whether it's memes or updates to cheer on their team during the show and so it's got to amplify and reach in an impactful way. This can be achieved through the art of storytelling with your brand and to truly capture and engage their attention in a saturated market or overwhelm of ads in a short period of time.

5.) Timing is everything in a sequence Though Usher's half time performance may not have been my fave of all time, his transitions between songs were smooth. And this is to say that as you go throughout your process onboarding, throughout a project, and post-project with a client, you will want to ensure a seamless integration and flow otherwise it can feel jarring and disconnected from who you're working with. 6.) Your community is here to hype you up

Whether it's guest features like Alicia Keys to HER or J. Biebs in the stands, they are going to help up your performance factor! It takes a village to put on a show and run the Superbowl so know you've got that support of a great team behind you to bring your brand to life. The Super Bowl provides valuable branding lessons in terms of audience understanding, memorability, cohesion, creativity, connection and brilliance. Your brands no matter how big or small can draw inspiration from these lessons to enhance your own branding strategies. If you're in need of support with how to amplify your brand, let's chat! There's no "i" in "team." You can bring your personality and get a sold-out stadium full cheering for you today.


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