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Why PR is the Best Friend You Need to Have

Public Relations is only for big companies, right? Wrong. In today’s episode, learn how to become BFFs with Public Relations a.k.a. PR, even if you don’t think your business needs it. PR can help your business grow at any stage. Dive into the PR world as Christine and Alana (@captnaner) explore pre-internet and post-internet public relations, the services you’d be surprised are considered PR, how to decide when to start doing PR, and who you can trust with your PR needs no matter the size of your business.

Alana Simpson is a Marketing and PR professional, communications expert, and textile fanatic who specializes in cultivating traditional and alternative media relationships through communication and trust. Alana helps uncertain entrepreneurs nurture their self-confidence and communication skills so they can easily build a successful business. With over six years of communications experience, Alana brings kindness and compassion to the table for her clients, allowing them to step into their confidence, through public speaking training, marketing, communications strategy, and even personal styling support.

Photo credit: @beccalemireyoga

What to Listen For:

  • Do you have a PR blindspot? The 5 New Areas of PR You probably don’t know about. (4:54)

  • Your audience sees 400 ads per day. 3 secrets you need to cut through the noise and reach your audience. (7:05)

  • Should you bootstrap your PR or hire a PR Agency? 5-point checklist to find out the best option for your biz. (9:13)

  • Thinking about using Influencer Marketing? 2 key things to focus on to get real results! (14:01)

  • Just getting started and under 5K followers? Don’t get screwed over. Follow these 2 ways to successfully navigate brand sponsorships & collaborations. (17:44)

Resources From This Episode:

Christine’s Go-To Book to Build Happiness & Confidence

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