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Using Data To Do More In Your Biz

In today’s episode, unpack the mysteries of Google Analytics to see if your marketing is truly working for you. Data can be dry, boring and straight up confusing but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re interested in growing your business, you’ve got to make friends with the analytics to be successful. Christine and Karla ( will have you crushing on your analytics before this podcast is over by breaking down where you can easily get started today.

Karla Zamora is the face behind Fresh Metrics and is on a mission to help you make friends with your data. She is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs grow their business by using their data to do more. She helps help coaches, course creators and subject experts harness the power of data to have successful launches time and time again.

What to Listen For:

  • Allergic to analytics? The habit to get you excited about your data (5:57)

  • How much money are you losing if you’re not using Google Analytics? The numbers don’t lie. (9:00)

  • Where to get started with your analytics? The 3 most impactful & important metric types for everybody (11:27)

  • Are you actually interested in growing your business or happy being stagnant? This is the true test of your business growth. (14:37)

Resources From This Episode: Karla’s Website Performance Dashboard Tool Karla’s Google Analytics Basics Blog Join Skillshare & Get 2 Months Free

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About this show: As featured in Top 10 Canada Design and New & Noteworthy Art & Design, the Brand Party Podcast will energize you to invest in your brand in new ways. Join me for tips, insights, and actions you can take to make your brand a priority in your business. My guests and I deliver honest, to-the-point advice you can implement RIGHT AWAY!



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