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Unlock The Best Self Care For Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, take a journey inward and learn how to take care of what’s at the core of your business, you. Listening to what your body and your soul needs will help you unlock the highest level of success for yourself and for your business. Getting in touch with what you need to fill your cup so you are able to continue to support your clients, your employees, and yourself long-term. Christine and Bianca (@djbiancalee) share tips and tricks to easily incorporate daily, health and business habits for your body, mind and soul.

Bianca Lee is a Toronto-based DJ, and founder of Sunday Soul Service. She is highly coveted for her eclectic taste in music and known for her ability to lift people through music and inspire womxn through passion-driven action. Sunday Soul Service is a series of feel-good events with a mission to help womxn take time to reconnect with and rebuild the favourite version of themselves. A true lover for feel-good tunes, Bianca’s signature DJ sound invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that spans from old school R&B, hip hop, funk all the way to the up-tempo sounds of deep house, dancehall and soca. Her versatility has helped her impressive momentum and respect in the industry – within her first year of getting behind the decks she’s worked with clients such as TD Bank, Toronto International Film Festival, Grey Goose, Roots Canada, and more.

What to Listen For:

  • Always getting up on the wrong side of the bed? 3 ways to start your day right. (3:35)

  • Missing your favourite version of yourself? Reconnect with yourself with these powerful practices. (5:50)

  • Pour on this secret sauce to guarantee unique and memorable events for your guests with this #1 piece of advice. (7:21)

  • Having trouble disconnecting from the hustle? - One word: Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries! (9:39)

  • Are you actually interested in growing your business or happy being stagnant? This is the true challenge of your growth. (14:07)

Resources From This Episode:

Bianca’s Sunday Soul Service Playlist

Christine’s Favourite Book to Grow your Happiness

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