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Simplify your choices with a decision detox

Decision fatigue is a real thing, and it's affecting your life more than you realize. Decision fatigue is basically a form of mental exhaustion that occurs when we make too many decisions in a short period of time. It can happen at any time — even when we're shopping for groceries or deciding which movie to see — but it's most common at work, where we're constantly making choices that affect our daily lives.

1. Clarify your choices By actually understanding what your choices actually are, it will help limit the choices you need to actually make in your everyday life from your wardrobe, to project management and communications, to what you're making for lunch or dinner. 2. Prioritize your decisions What brings you the most energy? Understand when you work best and optimize that focused time with when you are most productive. 3. Take breaks Know that you can not be on 24/7. Encourage yourself to have rest throughout the day to properly recharge and get the sleep you need to keep going. 4. Be intentional Practice mindfulness and make a decision from a place of peace. You may regret those impulsive decisions when in a stressed state. 5. Add value to your life Get rid of everything else and everyone else that doesn't serve your best interests. That means unsubscribing to emails that clutter the inbox to accounts online that make you feel guilty or bad about yourself. Reduce that noise and clutter. 6. Create your brand kit By having clearly defined logos, colour palette with hex codes, and font choices, along with branded and editable templates, you will be able to create ease in your creation. Have tools and resources that can back you up! 7. Have a good support system Whether your friends or family are your go-to for all the love, being able to delegate and have that support from a business perspective is also 8. Remember your big picture Your why will help you get through the days that feel a bit more rough than others. Manifest and visualize with a vision board. Decision fatigue is a real thing — in fact, it's so real that some researchers believe it's responsible for the difference between making a good choice and making a great choice. Are you still feeling incapacitated by choices and your to-do list? I'm here to support you and your vision. Let's chat and tackle that never-ending design wishlist together at

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