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ep17: Simple Pinterest Strategies For Your Business

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In today’s episode, we cover all things Pinterest. With over 320 Million active Pinterest users every month, marketing on Pinterest is a no-brainer but it can be confusing to get started. Meagan will share how you can quickly and easily start marketing your business on Pinterest. Plus, Christine and Meagan (@meaganawilliamson) spill all the secrets for driving traffic and having massive success on Pinterest whether you have 2 followers or 100,000 followers.

Meagan Williamson is a Pinterest marketing strategist who has been working with brands and businesses for over 5 years helping them grow their audience using intuitive content marketing. She is an OG Pinner with a background in blogging and school psychology.

What to Listen For:

  • Do you really need to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy? The answer you need to hear. (6:13)

  • Are you positioning your business to grow exponentially on Pinterest? (9:16)

  • How can you get guaranteed results from Pinterest even if you’re new to the platform? The 5 Rules for Immediate Success. (19:30)

Resources From This Episode:

Meagan’s Pinterest Marketing & Strategy Facebook Group

Meagan’s Pinterest

Christine’s Pinterest

Making Pinterest Content Just Got Easy with Canva Pro, Sign Up Today

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