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How To Start Your Business From The Ground Up

In today’s episode, learn how to grow your business from $30 websites to a team of 33 people. Whether you are new and just thinking about starting an eCommerce business or have been struggling to find ways to Christine and Damiano (@damianor) will have you earning money while you sleep with the best advice on building a strong and successful eCommerce business.

Damiano Raveenthiran is a Shopify Development Expert with over 10 years of experience working on eCommerce and Retail businesses, and owner of eCommerce Development agency Startup Slang based in Toronto, Canada. Damiano and his agency help highly-motivated entrepreneurs grow and thrive by offering great creative Ecommerce and Web development services for digital businesses of all sizes with innovative ways to generate revenue reaching goals and ROI targets.

What to Listen For:

  • Damiano’s road to riches? From $30 websites to a team of 33 people (4:00)

  • Still trading your Time for Money? A key contributor to figuring out your pricing structure once and for all. The numbers don’t lie. (6:12) Don’t set it and forget it.

  • 1 piece of advice to take you from freelancer to agency owner (8:47) Forgo your art, is it the right jump for you?

  • 3 ways to make money while you sleep (10:00) Service vs. Product

  • Do you really need a website right away (11:58)

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