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How to secure event sponsorship like a boss

In today’s episode, get clear on everything you need to secure high-level sponsorship so that you can bring your dream events to life without breaking the bank. Getting through to the folks who hold the purse strings is no easy feat but that shouldn’t stop you. Christine and Christina (@christina.paruag) break down how to speak the language of sponsorship, cut through the noise and connect with event sponsors and business leaders on a whole other level. That’s where the magic happens! Plus, Christina shares her story of how an essential pivot changed her entire business.

Christina Paruag is the founder of FemEvolve, an events platform and consulting agency that provides media coverage for numerous events in the GTA and promotes events for women. She’s also the organizer of Toronto Professional Women's Meetup. Christina helps event organizers dealing with financial worries around their events secure high-level sponsorship so that they can bring their events to life without breaking the bank. Christina’s clients love working with her because of her ambition, never-ending ideas and passion to help others curate amazing events by building the right relationships.

What to Listen For:

  • Need sponsors and partners for your virtual or IRL event? Top 3 tips to cold-pitch and secure sponsorship in any industry. (9:48)

  • Sponsors not responding? The most common sponsorship deck mistake you might be making. (12:48)

  • Just starting out? The two design tools that will be your best friend when it comes to designing sponsorship packages (13:15)

  • Feeling the FOMO? No regrets! The one thing you won’t regret when you show up to an event (when it’s safe to do so). (16:31)

Resources From This Episode:

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