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How to Leave a Job You Hate

In today’s episode, clear out the cobwebs on your career and find a job that truly fulfills you. This is not a drill! Even if you hate your job, entrepreneurship isn’t the answer for everybody. You’ve been told finding a job is hard. Finding a job in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is impossible, right?! It’s not true. There’s no such thing as not enough jobs. Christine and Nadia (@nadia.dumpyourboss) drop career-searching and landing-your-dream-career tips that will have you dumping your boss ASAP. If you’ve accepted that having a job you hate is just part of being an adult, it’s not too late for you to trade that belief in for a shiny career that actually makes you happy.

Nadia Beja is a career coach with a passion for helping people leave behind toxic workplaces. She is also passionate about helping people build their confidence, get unstuck, and out of their own damn way! Nadia’s mission is to not only help people design more fulfilling careers but help organizations put the human back into the workplace.

What to Listen For:

  • Something on your mind? The habit that will move you out of your thoughts and into action. (2:20)

  • Everyone needs a brand. Will your personal brand help you land your dream job? (4:00)

  • What are your employees saying on If you take nothing else from this episode, take this. (11:26)

  • Give your job it’s own performance review! The 7 ways to become BFFs with your workplace. (13:09)

  • Debunking myths: Is it normal to hate your job? (19:40)

Resources From This Episode:

Nadia on LinkedIn

Nadia on Pinterest

Christine’s Favourite Book: The Happiness Equation

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