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How to Build a Better, More Diverse Marketing Plan

In today’s episode, discover multiple ways to build a world and business where everyone feels like they have a place. Diversity & Inclusion has become a buzzword now more than ever. This year has taught us a lot of tough lessons. It’s brought to the forefront the importance of inclusive marketing for our brands. You have to convey messages to connect with all audiences and ensure your brand is resonating with your audience beyond the stock photos on your website. Christine and Anita (@anitachauhan) discuss the reasons why inclusive marketing can increase your sales and why we need to take diversity and inclusion seriously to build our best brand.

Anita Chauhan is a communications & content leader and senior marketer. She is equal parts strategist, storyteller, and creative media producer. She’s passionate about diversity and inclusion and has been an advocate for women in tech within the Toronto community. Through her marketing and branding work, she helps brands grow and be more aware and inclusive of other people from different walks of life, races, countries and spaces. Anita works to make spaces more equitable and inclusive for others.

What to Listen For

  • Overwhelmed by your Marketing Monster? Try these solutions to get laser-focused on your marketing right away. (3:38)

  • Talk the talk. Walk the walk. What inclusive marketing is and what it’s NOT. (5:10)

  • Are you new to inclusive marketing? The 3 most impactful ways to be diverse and inclusive with your brand messaging. (8:19)

  • It’s a Win-Win! How companies are losing money by not becoming more inclusive and diverse in their marketing and branding. (11:57)

  • Happy being stagnant in your biz? This is the true test of your business growth. (14:42)

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Partial transcription provided from the episode. Note: Although the transcription is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate. It is posted as an aid to understanding the episode for those who may be hard of hearing or those looking for additional resources.

How does 'Brand Party' resonate with you?

What would you say to those who feel overwhelmed by their branding and design challenges?

I imagine it’s hard growing up not necessarily seeing yourself represented in the media or even entrepreneurship. You’ve mentioned that “Marketing has failed us.” Diversity and inclusion can feel like such a buzzword nowadays but it’s more important than ever to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. What is inclusive marketing and how can we ensure that it truly represents the audience it serves?

I love this quote, create more and consume less. There is so much noise and content out there that it can often times feel overwhelming. Given what’s going on in the world with the Black Lives Matter protests, to discrimination to Asians during COVID, and more, we can all be more mindful and empathetic about the way we express ourselves. What are 3 ways we can be more respectful and thoughtful with our messaging when we are sharing content?

Now more than ever, if businesses are not considering a socially forward approach, customer behaviours will shift. How are companies losing out opportunities and leaving money on the table by not including D&I marketing?

What’s the correlation and 3 things we can do in order to track and measure how inclusive marketing can increase profit and overall brand awareness?

My grandfather used to say that being a good person is a lifelong achievement. How can we check in with ourselves and our businesses to ensure that our inclusive intentions are aligned, fulfilling, and here for the long-haul? I've got a few rapid fire questions for you. Are you ready? What are you currently celebrating?

What’s the #1 thing you want people to have fun with from this episode? What's your bold legacy?

Thank you so much Anita for taking the time to join in on the fun on the BRAND PARTY Podcast.

Where can people find out more about you?



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