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How Having The Right Mindset Can Build Your Brand And Your Business

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Building your brand means having the right mindset. When your thoughts and emotions are not aligned, your brand suffers and so does your business.

Kira Matthews, a manifestation and mindset coach knows exactly what to do. She specializes in helping creative fashion designers, illustrators and makers crippled with self-doubt and fear grow their small business and connect with customers that excite and delight them.

In this episode, Kira shares with us how mindset can be a powerful tool in building a successful brand and business. Through embracing failure and negative emotion, practicing authenticity, and learning to break the only blockage - your thoughts and yourself, success is not too far away.

If I can do it, there really is nothing that anyone else can’t do. - Kira

In this episode:

[02:10] Building a business is challenging but we must not forget to celebrate this opportunity.

[03:31] We need examples of role models in order to grow and expand.

[04:16] How the feeling of overwhelm can lead to feeling not good enough.

[05:50] How to approach challenges when you're feeling overwhelmed.

[06:44] Use the negative emotions to have bigger goals and lean into your positive emotions.

[07:45] As a business owner, you don’t know how to start, until you go through challenges and the phase of overwhelm which guides you into your business.

[09:35] Realizing being a creative herself can help others like her to deal with self-confidence, doubt, and mindset.

[11:03] Be authentic with your audience, be vulnerable, make it personal, and that will show in your brand.

[13:09] Don’t compare yourself with others and learn to accept that some things may not work but some things will also do.

[15:03] You're only naturally going to get better from it. By doing it and truly listening to people along the way.

[16:04] The main blockage is ourselves and our thoughts.

[17:20] The first thing to do to break the blockage is to be aware.

[08:15] The next part is deciding what you want to be true.

[18:50] Then the next step is to ask yourself - If that was true, what actions would you take?

[22:17] Practice believing it so you will see it.