Growing At the Pace of Cash

In today’s episode, Christine digs deep with her guest, Octavia on taking control of your financial success as an entrepreneur. Listen in as Christine and Octavia (@octaviafaith) navigate the age-old dilemma of ‘Am I charging too much?’, surviving tax season and taking good care of your business bank account (and yourself).

Octavia Ramirez is the Founder and CEO of Paper & Coin, a financial coaching & literacy company for Millennials. Her and her team help you redefine work, wealth and well-being so you can use your money as a tool to achieve your dreams. She also loves hopping on a plane with her husband, exploring a new corner of this planet, and recording their adventures along the way in their weekly podcast, About That Life.

What to Listen For:

  • Do you find the numbers overwhelming? Define your version of financial success. (5:13)

  • Is it too late? The best time to set up a business banking account. (9:59)

  • How to survive tax season? The 3 Must-Haves we all need by tax time and 1 thing you can DIY.  (11:35)

  • Are you growing sustainably? Let your business scale itself by growing at the pace of cash. (18:34)

Resources From This Episode:

Octavia & Will’s About That Life Podcast

Octavia’s Accounting Software Recommendations: Wave, FreshBooks, & QuickBooks

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