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ep06 - How To Optimize Your Brand Assets

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Jenny Jay is a multimedia creator, who lives her best shameless life as a photographer, documentary filmmaker, writer, colourist and creative. Known for her terrible puns, her tendency to travel the world, and her passion for great storytelling, she spends her days and nights creating and living. The Double Jay Collective is a Photography and Videography Powerhouse. Founded in 2015, she knows what it means to honour your voice and your story. She takes your idea and create the visuals that match your brand voice, your key messaging, and your style, honouring your vision from the start. Learn how colour theory, associations, and the moods you communicate are associated with your brand. Differentiate what you hold dear to you and what content to create that’s forward facing, yet still vulnerable. With this conversation with Jenny, we dive into the nuances of what goes on beyond the lens and how you have the ability to showcase your brand in a whole new light.

In this episode:

  • We get clear & define what a brand actually is

  • How to differentiate and compliment your personal brand to your professional business

  • How to optimize the assets you already have to amplify your brand and truly launch with power through your marketing efforts

Links: Learn more about The Double Jay Collective and her work Follow on Instagram via @justaskjenny and @thedoublejaycollective

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