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Achieving Brand Success Through Creativity And Choices

Creating your brand can be daunting for some, especially when you’re in the early stages of your business. Heather Brassington knew all too well how that felt, but she did it anyway…

Heather is the owner and artist behind Naughty Florals, from 6 cards on Etsy it has expanded to over 150 products in stores across North America. Her creations are unique, fun, and unapologetic.

In this episode, Heather shares with us how her creativity and the choices she made brought her brand success. From a distinct brand vision, branding tips, stress coping mechanisms, and learning to stand up for her values, Heather has brought her ideas to life and success.

In this episode:

[01:26] Knowing her brand from the get-go was one of the reasons why her business is successful.

[02:12] To avoid being overwhelmed, you need to stick to one theme at the beginning.

[03:41] A distinct brand and vision is more recognizable.

[04:43] E-commerce gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to find their ideal customers even in a saturated market.

[05:55] The color scheme ties your in person presence and your online presence together, making it more recognizable.

[07:34] To cope with stress, Heather blocks time for creativity and listens to audiobooks as a means of relaxation while painting or drawing.

[10:48] After discovering that a language or word she used on her design was derogatory, Heather took action, she took her design down and informed her followers about its origin and meaning.

[14:37] Heather finds it scary and intimidating to put herself out on social media, but standing for something you believe in is important for her.

[17:52] From normal conversation, Heather picks ideas and creates them into a fun one liner stickers.

[18:36] Closing her shop for three months to recharge and avoid burnt out. And launch again on her 30th birthday.

[21:22] Buying and converting a bus to be their home and use it for traveling.

[22:15] Heather found a solution for her products. While traveling, a fulfillment warehouse will store and ship all her products.

[23:16] For a long time, she was working long hours that got her to a point of spraining her spine and not being able to walk or stand for 48 hours.

[24:43] Letting other people do other tasks to be more present in more important areas of the business.

[27:10] Start your business even if you have no idea what you're doing.

[28:07] Naughty Florals is all about fun and making people smile.

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About Heather Brassington

Heather Brassington is the owner and artist of Naughty Florals. She combines classic floral designs and modern sensibilities to make fun and cheeky products like greeting cards, stickers, notepads and more. Heather started in 2018 with 6 cards on an Etsy shop and has expanded to over 150 products in stores across North America. Naughty Florals is planning a BIG online shop relaunch on June 7th, 2022.

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