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10 Powerful Ways That Design Impacts You (and your business)

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

With the rise of social media and shorter attention spans, you may be wondering what design can do for you. Save time and energy by letting your customers come to you (and therefore save money by reducing your marketing spend!)

1.) First impressions count It's the initial perception and moment that you have to grab people's attention. It's a defining moment to create a lasting impression and to encourage them to find out more.

2.) Design is more than how it looks. It's a form of communication to your audience. You may want to attract, inspire and/or motivate your audience. Beyond strategy, there's a beating heart and passion behind what you're creating.

3.) You can build genuine connections with your audience. By using the appropriate language and visual cues, you can evoke emotional engagement and relationships with your core consumers.

4.) Get consistent! This will be the key to your success. Having a strong and cohesive brand and visual presence can create a familiar aesthetic that will result in consumer trust.

5.) Communicate your brand's values visually. If your business has a vision, you likely have things you absolutely stand for. Feel confident that your visual presence reflects your expertise and elevates your reputation.

6.) Appeal to the right people. You may have a specific target market or consumer in mind. Have your aesthetic and strategy attract the people who see value in what you do.

7.) Make it user-friendly. You want the content to be approachable and easy to relate to. You can truly humanize this experience and relate to your audience on a deeper level.

8.) Create clear communication. Great design will help bridge gaps and create understanding. Visual aids such as icons or infographics can improve communication and drive your vision.

9.) Celebrate your unique personality traits. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Your designs can have personality and these characteristics will shine through to how your audience associates your brand.

10.) Make your brand memorable! It can be about the journey and not just the destination. From the moment they see a piece of your content, to your customer service, whether you're selling a service or product, you want them to have the best experience possible.

I hope you feel empowered to take control of your brand’s visual identity. Design is one of the best investments you could make. If you've been second guessing this - don't! It portrays an amplified version of yourself and/or your business, propels your strategies and makes you stand out.

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