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I have an important question for travel, hospitality, and social impact businesses.


Have you asked all your entrepreneur pals what the best website platform is?
Is your current website platform not doing the things you need it to do?
Have you realized that this is a priority for your business and don’t have the ability to bring your vision to life?


And you still feel distraught by the idea of having to create your website with little to no technical experience, let alone time to complete it to your liking?

What if...

There was a way to achieve a steady stream of dream clients that are actually ready to work with you?

There was a way to get it all done with a snap of your fingers, sans magic wand?

There was a way to look cohesive and maintain it with a quick click, instead of spending hours hunched in front of the computer screen?

Would you finally commit to creating a website that is a cohesive, easy to maintain, and lead generating?

Let me know - does this sound familiar?
✔️ You've prioritized creating the perfect Instagram feed over having a home on the internet where your dream clients know in an instant that you’re the undeniable choice for them.

✔️ You feel overwhelmed. In picking the templates, the colours, writing the content for your homepage, in order to move your clients from curious creepers to your best friend.

✔️ You believe that if you build your website, people will come. But reality check: you’re just out there floating in the abyss. 

With all of that effort and energy, isn't it about time that  you have a website that is optimized to make sales in your sleep?
You deserve a website will take your customers on the journey from welcome to next steps without having to lift a finger, instead of spending all of your energy engaging 24/7 (ahem, Instagram).

✨ You deserve to have a graceful morning routine filled with space to sip your delicious coffee while looking out the window, instead of waking up chained to your computer because of the never-ending to-do list.
You deserve to hike through the mountains, on airplane mode, laptop-free, enjoying the view, instead of feeling anxious of answering every single notification that pops up.

Here are the 3 reasons why you're still NOT having the clients flood in, being taken seriously, or always giving out discounts:

"I'll just do it myself"
You are someone worth investing in. Let the world know who you are with one quick click. Googling, googling, googling - sound familiar? I get it. Totally get it! If you want someone to rescue you from the DIY drain - action hero is what they call me, and we’re going to make a great team.

"This isn’t a priority for me"

We all experience imposter syndrome and can feel like we’re on the hamster wheel of creative block. Get out of your own way and start realizing the potential that you absolutely deserve! You’re going to get a guided website content guide so you know the step-by-steps of exactly what’s needed to get your website from barely functioning to thriving with leads.

"I don't have time with everything else I have on my plate"
I’m a business owner, too. Don’t let that never ending to-do list have so much power over your day, instead of taking on tasks that actually move the needle forward. Surely, you put all of your client work before your own. You’re going to be supported to set up your copy and brand photos efficiently in an accelerated program, so you have more time to spend in your zone of genius.

I hear you. Don’t worry - I’ve got you.
Let’s get you to your version of success.

The good news is that creating your own website that generates leads and sales for you is now closer than ever!

If you've read this far, you'll already know that clarity, consistency, and conversions are the 3 critical elements to creating a thriving website.

But you didn't know that by mastering these skills I’ll be sharing with you,
you'll have the power to:

✨ Optimize your website to welcome your dream clients and serve them the information they truly want and need
✨Reclaim your time to grow your business, doing what you do best
✨Drive high-quality traffic to bring in consistent leads on the reg

You can have all of this!
I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to THE... 


A 4-week accelerator for entrepreneurs who are ready to create the online presence that you’re worthy of.

My name’s Christine Lieu. When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top lifestyle brands level up and launch $90K+ Kickstarter campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs make their first foray into bringing a brand 360 to life, whether your audience accesses you at your website, to your social media, to in-person first.

I’ve helped people who have felt just like you do now.



"Christine gave my business and brand the kick in the butt it needed. I had an idea swirling around my mind for months but she helped me realize it by making it something tangible. I had put off revamping my brand for a few years and she made it simple and possible within a few weeks!"

- Monika Platek,
The Monika Platek Podcast

"I'm so thankful for Christine's intrinsic help, intelligence, and her skillset with working on my website - making sure it's easy to use on both home and desktop. She was able to create a process that was easy to understand and build into my business practice.

- Michael Zoffranieri,


"Christine honestly works so quickly, it's kind of mind blowing. If you need something done quick and right - you need to hire her. She took my website from disorganized to make it flow and exactly what I had envisioned."

-Julia Hawthornthwaite,
Julia Rose Content


In these short few weeks together,
we will...

EXECUTE LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS - If investing in a copywriter or a creative writing program does not sound like something you’re able to take on at the moment, I’ve got your back. We’ll fast track this together. Get you all the copy, brand photos, and website up and running in a flash!
FIGURE OUT WHICH PLATFORM IS BEST FOR YOU - We’ll be choosing the platform that’s right for you so it’s optimized for the traffic, longevity, and potential you want and deserve. So you don’t need to switch a year from now.
EMPOWER YOU TO MAINTAIN YOUR CONTENT - It’s really about developing the habits with reliable tools that will help you set up systems in your business, so you can take a day off once in awhile. Plus, get some bonus SEO tips to support you with creating content for years to come.


Week 1
30-min clarity consult
Platform exploration: Wix, Shopify, Squarespace


Week 2
Email opt-in
Website terms & conditions
+ SEO tips guide

+ 1 round of edits

How to get HQ testimonials
Collect brand imagery


Week 3
3-5 page personalized design
Integration of brand identity
Integrate social media ccounts

Admin tasks: domain connection (DNS), security, set up Google analytics,
accessibility check, e-commerce setup (if applicable)


Week 4

1 round of edits & final approval
30-min empowerment tutorial


Are you in?

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