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top 3 lessons from 2018


You are the best investment you could make. It may sound cheesy, but when you believe in yourself, so do others around you. Whether you're investing in learning more about yourself as a person through a self development program or learning new skills like photography, choose to put yourself first. Believe and give yourself that opportunity to do what you've always wished for.

2.) LET GO

Holding on to something or someone that is weighing you down isn't healthy. This past year, I've chosen to let go of the intangible and tangible things that have detracted me from living my best version of myself. Selling a good chunk of my material objects away when I intended to travel for six months with only a backpack has really encouraged me to live a more minimalist lifestyle. You learn to care for what you really need, the people you care most about, and the environment you surround yourself with.


Trust the process. After all, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% is how you choose to react to it. A night not too long ago, I was aware that I was in a scarcity mindset about my finances. I was doubting whether I was doing the "right things" when I was completely fine. I decided to let it go. The next morning, I booked 3 projects for my business. The power of an abundant mindset has shown me that by just believing and being optimistic and focusing your mind on the good, that it really creates space for that in your life.

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