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How to achieve your own freedom!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Here are my major takeaways from the Freedom Lifestyle live podcast taping.

The Freedom Lifestyle means something different to everyone. What's your free?

This event was in celebration of the season two finale of the Freedom Lifestyle podcast, founded by Sam Laliberte. It was a sold out event at WeWork, where we got to be in the presence of some amazing entrepreneurs and freedom lifestylers. The Freedom Lifestyle is a movement that encourages you to work wherever, whenever you want.

MEGHAN KRAFT, CHAI ATELIER * You are your own greatest marketing tool! Walk into a room and be strong and proud of who you are and what you do. This can be much easier to define once you've really reflected or figured out the root of what you want at the end of the day.

* Intuition is extremely important.

Be able to identify the difference between fear of risk and that gut feeling that's telling you that it just isn't right. * Figure out what you're "the best" at and get real good at it! You can either write down the top 5 things you want to be the best at and work towards those goals or write down 25 good things. This process to becoming "the best" will take sacrifice and it's ok to say "no" in order to not burn out in the process. * “It’s not about what your story is, it’s about how you tell it.” We all have a unique story and reason why we do what we do. This can be a great conversation starter and to entice people to want to hear more.

VICTORIA HUI, THE LUST LISTT * There's a shelf life for relevance in the social media landscape. Cease the moments. Create an authentic and genuine connection with your following. * Invest in the video medium. A hot photog tip: shoot from the bottom up so you appear taller. Aim to shoot darker rather than lighter so it's not blown out from exposure so you're able to edit more easily in post-production. * Grow your team based on expertise. This will allow your team members to really play up their strengths and let everyone shine as we work towards a common goal.

* "You can always go back to a 9-5"

You may not have a car, a house or kids, it can make taking the leap of faith to the Freedom Lifestyle a reality. However, know that you can always go back if you need to. It's not considered a failure at all. What you'll gain in the process will be immensely valuable.


* Have "a deeper purpose than dollars and cents.”

This purpose will drive you to continue doing what you're doing because you have your why. * Focus on getting goals done instead of the time spent on achieving these. It will help promote a sense of efficiency within your work culture. Showing up is not necessarily good - doing is the good. When you instill trust, ownership and autonomy to what people are working on, their mentality is invested in success. * Empathy is integral to promoting understanding. Being able to be authentic and relate with the people you're connecting with in business or with your customers and beyond, it's important to understand the pain points that will allow your business to grow.

KATE TAYLOR, DIGITAL STRATEGIST * Social media can be a great accountability feature to be able to put whatever you want out into the world and have this sense of responsibility to achieve it. However, keep in mind to stop playing the comparison game!

* “We are valuing experiences over things.”

We shouldn't feel guilty for wanting these moments. * There are no guarantees in life. Whether it's barriers of not having friends to travel with, having financial burdens to make travel a priority, make the priority for yourself to do this because you chose to do this and are making it a priority. Let's get social! Follow CL Designs via Facebook and Instagram Follow Sam Laliberte and the Freedom Lifestyle podcast and community Photography: Lex Kilgour Meghan Kraft Victoria Hui Josh Walters Kate Taylor ----- Like what you’ve read? Subscribe to my email newsletter, "Permission to Envision." It's your quarterly dose of actionable tips and inspiration to connect with the people most important to you.



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