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EP03 - Burnout: How To Crush It And Enjoy The Process

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Lauren is the London-born (UK), a Toronto-based, founder of Space Parties - the mental health event series, focused on making talking therapy/support more accessible. She is also a brand strategist, who has pioneered strategies for everything from Fortune 500 companies, to political campaigns, to small, mission-led organizations. Lauren displays strength in her vulnerability through this raw conversation, diving into the common signs of burnout, how core values has helped her focus, turning being selfish into a positive, and learning to switch OFF and not feeling guilty.

In this episode:

  • The perfect reminder when we feel overwhelmed by the hamster wheel of running our own business

  • Injecting positivity into showing up for your brand

  • Becoming intentional and fulfilled for the long haul vs. the short-term burnout

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