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CLIENT FEATURE: Nick Butler Personal Training

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Nick has always loved the healthy lifestyle and the challenge to continue to improve himself. He went on to study biomechanics, the science of personal training and learn from experts in their field. He now applies his knowledge to give his clients the best experience he can.

What are 3 things you wish you would have told yourself when you first started and were chasing your dream job?

Three things I would've told myself would be one, learn how to take criticism because learning from experienced people is the best form of education in my opinion. Secondly, stop actively trying to search so hard for your dream job. Search in yourself what you enjoy doing and build upon that for a career. Third, enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things that make you nervous.

What motivates you to keep learning and growing?

How have you maintained perspective and to remain grounded throughout your success?

What truly motivates me to keep learning and growing is other peoples' success. There's a competitive streak inside me that wants to always do better than everyone else. Being complacent can hinder your success. That's why it's always good to follow the work of competitors so you understand what you could be doing better.

“Once I discovered that I was my own worst enemy, work turned into playtime.”

Has there been a series of obstacles or a defining moment that has lead you on this journey to what you’re doing now? What was the toughest lesson you’ve learned throughout your journey thus far?

The biggest obstacle that I have run into on my journey starting my career, is myself. Conquering my fears of starting something that's brand new is always scary and daunting;"what if people don't take me seriously,” and “am I good enough." These are barriers that I created for myself, and once I discovered that I was my own worst enemy, work turn into playtime.

What do you do to channel creativity throughout various areas of your life, work and outside of your business?

Talking to peers in my industry. I enjoy bouncing ideas off of friends and co-workers to better understand their experiences and how they've learned from their failures. Second would be to make sure to always get lots of rest and have time to yourself, whether that be vacation or simply playing a video game at the end of the day to unwind.

How has design and working with CL Designs impacted

your business?

Working with CL Designs has been a great experience. Christine has put a face to my business with her designs and her creativity. When people look at my business card, it exudes personality that has helped me bring uniqueness to my business. Let's get social! Follow CL Designs via Facebook and Instagram Follow Nick Butler Videography: Biliana Gortchova ----- Like what you’ve read? Subscribe to my email newsletter, "Permission to Envision." It's your quarterly dose of actionable tips and inspiration to connect with the people most important to you.



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