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10 ways to level up as an entrepreneur

How is it half way through the year?! What better moment than now to take time to reflect on how far you’ve come, how much you’ve achieved, and what you have to look forward to.

Having those moments of silence, comes clarity. “Failures” turn into learning lessons.

Business owner working on setting up success in her business.
Photo courtesy of The Double Jay Collective

Here are what a few entrepreneur’s suggestions on what has helped set us up for success:

1.) Paint a clear picture - What does your ideal day look like? What does your morning routine include? What are you eating? Where are you? This day dream could become your reality. Journal out EVERY single detail.

2.) Create a vision board

By visualizing the representation of your aspirations, it’s much more motivating to work towards because you can literally see your vision so clearly. Think of various areas of your life that you want to work towards, whether that’s your lifestyle, home life, travel, self-care and career.

3.) Break it down As much as you’ve envisioned what the BIG picture looks and feels like, let’s break down that success action list. You can start with quarterly goals and reverse engineer to figure out what your priorities are each month. It makes that BIG goal seem so much more realistic and attainable, because YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN DO IT!

4.) Budget realistically within your means

Knowledge and confidence is essential when knowing your finances. Get clear and practical about your income and expenses each month. If you have a revenue goal you want to hit, work backwards. What are you really going to need in order to achieve that? Think about the value and investment point you’re offering your products or services. Could you be outsourcing to give you back more time and energy to do what you do best?

5.) Book in you time before client time Sounds counter intuitive, right? Ever heard that you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first? Yep. BOOM! Being able to incorporate some sort of meditation or movement each morning has provided clarity and a moment to take care of myself before diving straight into work and tasks for others. Understanding your 3 tasks you need to accomplish each day will get you in check and keep it sensible to actually achieve instead of going into analysis paralysis. Because no one’s got time for that.

6.) Establish boundaries Make them work with your availability! By understanding your non-negotiables, you are sending a message loud and clear to who you’re working with. Having a welcome page to reference has set those expectations up from the get-go and has impressed clients of how organized your process is.

7.) Have systems work for you

This is going to free up so much time and headaches. Whether you invest in a CRM (client record management) system like Dubsado, Wave, or Stripe, this will help have one smart hub to keep track of all your invoicing and client details in a secure manner. Acuity or Calendly is great to book in times that you’re available for calls. Asana will keep you and your clients in order to set expectations throughout the journey together. Having a stellar website as your one stop hub for all things you will work for you 24/7. No worries there! It’s got your back.

8.) Spend your time on ROI/ROE activities

What does that acronym mean? Return on investment or return on effort. Set up an excel sheet and track what you’re doing on the daily that is getting you ACTUAL results. Drop the tasks that aren’t. By visually seeing how you’re spending your time with a resource like your Google calendar, you can get yourself in the most efficient state possible by spending it on work that’s moving the needle forward.

9.) Get specific You’re passionate. You’re an expert in your field. You have so much to offer. But does your ideal client or customer even know you exist? Stop and reflect. Determine your niche by who, how, and why you’re serving that audience. By determining this and your core values, you will be able to build trust with your community and be able to speak directly to those people. The things that you also say no to is sometimes more important than what you say yes to. Be selective about the work and the type of behaviour you choose to accept. The value is what you accept it as.

10.) Get a feel good playlist Jam out. What are you playing on repeat? You deserve a dance break. Celebrate those wins!

Which are you going to begin implementing today? Action will ease fear every day of the week. Can’t wait to see what you achieve! Tag me on Instagram @_clieu - would love to cheer you on!


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