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Congratulations on completing the Brand Party Challenge! This offer is exclusive to you and will be valid for 72 hours.


brand magic

The only done for you brand pkg that sets you up for high quality leads and sales in less than 3 months, for under $2K.

By working together through this journey,
you'll have the power to:

✨ Share your brand confidently and become a household name

You deserve to create credibility that shines with your professional brand in less than 3 months. Not day-dreaming on Pinterest in front of your sad desk lunch, dreaming of more.

✨ Set up tools, habits, and systems to generate quality and loyal leads 
Free of the guilt that you "should be working on your business" when you rather reclaim that time to take a spontaneous outing sipping on Kombucha, cheering on patio season.

✨ Increase your sales by 200% with clients who buy again and again
Without hounding  your clients when it comes to invoice day. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 4.30.48 PM.png

"Honestly it's the best investment I've done. Christine is extremely organized, her feedback and expert insights helped me nail my personal branding and her resources and assets helped me create a cohesive brand and saved me hours of work! I recommend her to anyone who needs a design services that are beautiful, true to their values, and without wasting another minute of your time!"

Ilia Francis,
Social seller & Hustle in Heels

Hassel Aviles.jpg

"One of the biggest things that you do well is that everything is documented. I was able to share these documents and recordings with my growing team. As a lean team, it's less for me to do and adding structure and organization as we build is HUGE!"The Not 9 to 5 team has been successfully approved for over $200K of funding by The Future Skills Centre.

Hassel Aviles,
Not 9 to 5

Diane Stocked Cellars.jpeg

"Christine definitely produces the quality content I was looking for and made it really easy for me. I've seen the immediate increase in my followers which is huge! And to know that I can have something consistent and how to actually use it."

Last year compared to this year, Diane's sales have increased by 109% and so has her confidence.

Stocked Cellars




brand magic

join hundreds of business owners who have transformed their businesses with ease, efficiency, and lightning fast results.

This is a special offer for participants of the Brand Party Challenge only and will be valid only for 72 hours. 
This offer expires Monday, February 28th at 11:59pm EST.

Pay In Full

3mo Payments Of

join now!

Here are the 3 reasons why you're still lacking clarity, conNECTIONS, and closing consistent sales. 

"I've got to take a look at my cashflow. I'm not sure now's the right time
to invest."

I understand it's hard to part way with your hard-earned cash. I'm a business owner too and I appreciate you're conscious of what you're investing in.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Double-down on the things that work and have strategy and custom templates that focuses on your furthering the growth and sales of your business today that will make up that investment ten-fold.

"I already have Canva templates that I'm using.
So what?"

Totally get it! There are over 20,000 templates out there but there's millions of IG users that are using the EXACT same ones as your competitors. You've been hacking it together and you've been doing a great job to get to where you are right now.

Wouldn't it be nice to not second guess yourself and know that these custom templates will help you stand out and easily cultivate a community who sees the value of your worth and professionalism?

"I am just starting out but I'm not sure I'm ready."

Own it. You've got the goods, my friend! You wouldn't be here starting your business if you didn't. 

By having the tools and resources to lead generate with quality, you're able to show up and do the damn thing. Get out of your head and execute today! Create the opportunities you've always dreamed of.

what the offer includes:

Brand Consistency Checklist graphics.png


☑️  Join from anywhere in the world and address the challenges you're having with your digital presence (social media marketing and website audit) and leave each session with a blueprint plan of action that you can implement right away.
☑️  Get those website creepers and social scrollers stopping and eager for more. Convert those dream clients with a clear customer journey. Each session we'll be analyzing your insights and ensuring these strategies and built for growth as your business continues to scale.
☑️  Feel comfortable and confident moving forward as you have the know-how strategy, tools, and resources to back you up and save hours of work!

Value: $2000


5 custom brANDED

☑️  Stop your dream client's scroll! Cut through the noise and stand out on social media to create those quality connections and relationships

☑️  Cultivate that genuine cohesion that feels integral to you and your business. Not that fake it 'til you make it but have custom branded templates that reflect your actual personality and feeling so that it's close as humanly possible to what it's like to work with you so you become top of mind to hire.
☑️  Feel at ease that you never have to post on the fly again pondering for an hour or just not even posting at all.

Value: $500

and if that wasn't enough...

you'll also get 3 exclusive bonuses not found anywhere else!

These bonuses are only valid for the next 72 hour!


5 additional exercises to
sky-rocket your brand-360 experience

☑️ Receive 5 additional exercises to take you to the next level as you dive deep into that overall 360-experience to keep your dream clients coming back time and time again, and referring people left and right

☑️ Stop staring at your laptop AGAIN until 1am and trade it in for creating your specific boundaries and non-negotiables to implement today to ensure ROI and ROE (return on investment and energy)

☑️ Ditch the stress and achieve more clarity on who you're speaking to so it hits like a dart in the bullseye, to giving your branded assets the power to not only speak, but sell and support you and your audience

Value: $200

Brand Consistency Checklist graphics (2)


☑️ Over 100's of business owners have attended this class and have learned how to cut content creation time in half

☑️ Learn to stand out and cut through the noise so you can stay up to date with new features and how to make 1 in 20,000 templates your own with minimal effort but maximum impact

☑️ Increase your engagement with genuine connections with your community and create a sense of relief creating content instead of posting on the fly anxiety each day

Value: $400


handbook packed with bonus tools & resources

☑️ What I use to keep my brand clear, consistent, and converting every single day inside my business instead of feeling overwhelmed and letting those dream clients choose your competitors time and time again

☑️ Been tested by over 100 Brand Party Challenge members to create habits and systems to save them time and marketing spend

☑️ Reduce the overwhelm knowing that it's not what you follow, but what you follow through on with these starting points to setup your tools and systems to have your operations flow with ease

Value: $200

PLUS THE first 2 people who book will receive

a custom brand & social media style guide

Take the guesswork out of strong foundations with your signature branding that your dream clients can't resist and attract those leads with professionalism today.

Value: $1750 

Total value of BRAND MAGIC
= $5050 + infinite long-term lead generation


But right now, the investment is $1900.

are you ready?


Blush Pretty - Carousel feed posts.jpg

Miriam Buttu,
Fora: Network for Change

"I feel so much more in control and that there is clarity in my message to my audience! Even with both businesses,
I feel a sense of cohesiveness!"
Stephanie has seen up to 108% growth in her accounts reached within the first month of working together."

"I've honestly worked with a lot of designers over the last few years and the process with Christine is by far the easiest! She is flexible and worked with me on tight timelines."

Through marketing collateral together, the Girls20 team have been able to increase their impact and gain global sponsorship for their events.

Stephanie Daga, 
Blush Pretty & Lowe + Simone


Hi, I'm christine!

I've compiled almost 10 years of experience into 5 jam-packed days of training, to help you bring your vision to life with confidence, have tools and resources to back you up to save you time and marketing spend, and consistently convert your dream clients so you don't leave money on the table.

When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top lifestyle brands level up and launch $90K+ Kickstarter campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs make their first steps into branding.

I’ve helped people who have felt just like you do now.

Having earned my stripes in the fast-paced media world, and learned first-hand the challenges faced by startups through my own journey (sometimes the hard way!) I wanted to provide lean and efficient design and branding services that would free businesses to push on with what they’re best at.

Being able to give you the best quality of what works and what doesn't out in the real world is what inspired this Challenge.


click play to hear what they have to say about brand magic


Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.51.12 PM.png

"I have a hard time putting a vision together for my brand.
I feel my brand and website is now optimized, user-friendly and feel prepared for holiday season. Christine was very
organized, clear, and easy, simple, and straightforward without complicating terms that I could keep up with and execute on right away."

Nadia Almeida,
Fiery Wicks Candle Co.

about-me 2.png

Wendy Hayes, 
W Strategic Branding
& Marketing

"I have a lot more clarity with where it's going. Social media is a thorn in my side but necessary for business. Previously I've talked to other consultants, but through working with Christine, these tools and strategy are going to make it easier to create and spend time on the things I want to do."

Kelly Kan,
Oz & Ella Jewellery

"I really appreciated how approachable and flexible Christine was, when I didn't know what I needed. I love that I can use these assets in more than 1 spot! It's really true that once you have a brand that you feel much more professional and official. Before I wasn't clear of my goals and with this new brand, I have more confidence in how I'm perceived and a better idea of what my business represents to the point of being booked out!"

Younique Venture - testimonial
Laurelle testimonial
C'est La Vie - Testimonial


Q: WHO is this package best suited for?

A: This is for purpose-driven business owners who have gained some clarity around their branding and are ready to have tools and systems in place to increase your sales, generate quality leads and reclaim your time so you can ensure your business is sustainable and stable.


Q: This all sounds too good to be true.

A: Throughout our time working together over the next 3 months, you'll have access to an expert to guide you throughout each step of the process, who's been through it and is on your side cheering you on. Not only will have walk away having the know-how strategy to understand clearly how to develop, launch, and who up with confidence but you will also have custom branded templates that will have you lead-generating like no one's business! 

If you're on the fence; don't wait to long. This offer including the additional bonuses is only available until Monday, February 28th at 11:59pm EST.


Q: I'm interested but I need to see if I have enough cashflow first. What should I do?

A: That's great! As a fellow business owner, I appreciate you're conscious of what you're investing in. But how are you adapting? 

What I’ve found is that those who are breaking out and doubling down with other avenues and streams of income are really able to go from surviving to thriving during these times. There isn’t only 1 other to compete with in your industry, and you’re competing for the same pool of money.

I’ve found that during these times, if you continue doing what you were previously doing, it’s not a long-term tactic. A new stream of lead generation and income will help drive sales and conversions! 
The reality is most businesses don’t have 18 months of cashflow to survive and if that's the case, you need the strategy and resources to thrive.


Go look at that cashflow now! This hot offer is only available for the next 72 hours until Monday, February 28th at 11:59pm EST. And this is my special invite to you as it is not open to anyone outside of this Challenge at all. 

brand magic

fast-track your success with quality leads, an additional income stream, and resources to back you up to close those sales consistently.

This is a special offer for participants of the Brand Party Challenge only and will be valid only for 72 hours. 
This offer expires Monday, February 28th at 11:59pm EST.

Pay In Full

3mo Payments Of

join now!

refund policy

As you've gone through the Brand Party Challenge and been through our live Q&A and Celebratory Call together, you will have had the opportunity to ask further questions about Brand Magic.

Because of the bespoke nature of this offer, I'm unable to offer refunds. Please make sure that you are certain about your decision to commit to Brand Magic.

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