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What should a portfolio website include?

The portfolio website has become an essential part of any creative business. It has become the go-to place for designers to show their work, display their skills and attract new clients and customers. It's also a great way to get your name out there and make yourself known as an expert in your field. These are great to share your work if you're a designer, illustrator, photographer, musician, social media manager, interior designer, florist, jewelry maker, makeup artist, writer/author, candle maker, calligrapher, home painter, or maker. The beautiful thing is that you share your creativity with the world! What should a portfolio website include?

Portfolio websites are important marketing tools for professional designers, developers and other creative professionals. They showcase the work that you've done, allowing potential clients to see how you think and how you solve problems. A portfolio site should be designed with the user in mind. It should be easy to navigate and showcase your work in an appealing way and impress.

So, how long does it take to create a portfolio website? The short answer is: it depends.

The long answer is: it depends on the complexity of your project, the number of pages to be created and what you want the result to be. It could take less than an hour to build if you have clarity on the steps to take. If you have a more complex site, or if you're not sure where to start, here are some things that might slow down the process:

You have a lot of images to upload, or they're large files (like videos especially). If you're building a portfolio website for an artist or photographer with lots of images, this could take several hours — or even days — depending on how fast your internet connection is and how big your files are. Definitely ensure they're still high quality but compressed so that you're not slowing down your loading time or your SEO (search engine optimization) in the process. It could also take more weeks or months in preparation if you plan to have those more complex pages to create attention-grabbing mockups that illustrates the work in a compelling way, plus a statement about the context of the project, client and transformation you created.

Once you've decided on a platform, there are a few things to keep in mind when you're getting started: 1. Create a professional-looking design You don't need to be a designer to create a professional-looking site, but it helps to keep it simple and showcase it in a way that's easy to navigate and see the impact you've created with your work. Make it easy to navigate and accessible to dive into. 2. Include what makes you special Tell your story. Write an engaging about page that tells people about who you are and what makes you unique. And share your client's story. This will take more work and time, but by providing context, 3. Showcase the work you want Put your best foot forward with your best projects. The main goal of your portfolio is to show off your work, so make sure you include examples of projects that best represent your skillset and interest areas. For example, if you're applying for a job as an illustrator, include samples of illustrations you've created in the past that are reflective of the subject matter or industries you want to be working on. If you're applying for a job as an editor or writer, include samples of articles or blog posts that showcase your writing skills and knowledge base on the topic at hand. If you're looking to get hired as a social media manager, include samples of strategies and social media campaigns that have been successful for you in the past (and link them back to their corresponding campaigns if applicable). 4. Share some social proof Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to create trust and credibility for your brand. The power of testimonials is undeniable. When someone you trust says something about a product, service or business, it's more likely to influence your purchasing decisions than anything else. potential customers see that you're confident about what you're selling — which makes them more likely to hire you too. 5. Make yourself available for next steps Ensure it's easy to navigate to connect with you and hire you. Whether it's on your contact page and also on your portfolio/services page, include a contact form or calendar booking so it's simple to reach out for next steps together. 6. Make it mobile-friendly Mobile friendly websites are the future of the internet. With more and more people using their mobile devices to browse the web, it’s no surprise that Google has made it a ranking factor in their algorithm. A mobile friendly website is one that is optimized so that it is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This means that when you visit a site on your phone or tablet it will user-friendly and optimized for the size like it does when you visit it on your desktop computer. Mobile friendly sites will increase your sales funnel as well as customer retention rate because it provides a better experience to customers who want instant access to information on their mobile devices. 7. Keep it fresh regularly Not only does Google like this, but your potential clients will also. Google likes to know that your website isn't a bot and that there's new information being created and served with value on a regular basis. This will also ensure that your work is a reflection of what you are able to help with moving forward. The first thing potential employers will look at when they visit your portfolio site is the design of the page itself. If your site looks sloppy or amateurish, they may not even bother reading through any of your other work because they won't see you as someone who can do quality work in their field. A well-designed website will show off your professional side while still allowing visitors to get an idea of what you're capable of doing before they even click on anything else on the page. Hit publish your work online in just a few clicks today. If this sounds like something that you want support with, here are some more details.

Continue with your thriving creative business and have help to update your portfolio website in one day together!

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