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For more than 30 years, WINPAC (Women’s Investment Network Political Action Committee) has raised tens of thousands of dollars each election cycle to help pro-choice Democratic women running for the Oregon Legislature. They believe in the power of women to shape Oregon for the benefit of all – in particular when it comes to protecting our reproductive rights. Women are 50 percent of Oregon’s population, but did you know that only 41% of the members of the Oregon Legislature are women? They want to change that. WINPAC provides early money and mentorship to first time, pro-choice, Democratic women candidates.

Before working together, their branding and website presence was lacking luster. It was described as outdated and didn’t reflect the vision they had towards investing in the future.

After working together, they were able to help reinvest in the next generation of leaders and the future of Oregon. They celebrated with their community over happy hour as they prepare for the upcoming election and support these candidates with more funding and mentorship to make an impact in their communities. The future is shining bright for them!

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