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House of Anesi

The House Of Anesi used innovative design, technical fabrics, and aerospace engineering to bring you the first bra of its kind. The Anesi bra is 100% dedicated to bringing comfort and body positivity to women.

Before working together, they were wearing all of the hats and needed someone to take the lead so they could focus on what they do best and be the Visionary in their business. With investors and a large market order on the line, they needed to ensure that their time and efforts were making a difference.

After working together, we’ve raised over $90K for their Kickstarter campaign and get industry-wide recognition through features on Glamour, Refinery29, Teen Vogue and more. Their creative vision was brought to life with clarity and confidence with hundreds of press kits sent, to their brand-360 approach to ensure a cohesive and professional brand presence across their social counting down to the campaign, to the delivery on their website and email campaign, locking in those sales and surpassing their Kickstarter funding goals.

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