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Through their signature programs, Global Summit and Girls on Boards, they make strategic investments in young women through education and training, building networks, and access to unparalleled opportunities at home and internationally. While advocating for change at the global level through the annual G(irls)20 Global Summit, they are invested in changing the status quo for women at decision-making tables in communities across Canada by placing Girls on Boards.

Before working together, their lean team was looking for a refreshing and captivating way to get the attention of sponsors to continue their bold impact on the world. They received a fully customized experience with their desired results to reach those sponsors abroad, so they could focus on what’s important to them and supporting the women in their programs, while delivering high quality results with timing optimized 4-7 weeks versus a 6-month turnaround with an agency.

After working together, developing a cohesive and professionally looking brand with their marketing assets from their annual report, to their presentation and sponsorship deck, G(irls)20 was able to secure more funding opportunities and showcase their efforts proudly reflected through the delivery of their branded assets.

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