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Shifting Your Money Mindset To Take Control Of Your Finances with Vanessa Bowen

At one point in our lives we may have gone through financial problems, but did you know this can be avoided?

Today, I have Vanessa Bowen on the show, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) and the Founder of Mint Worthy, a personal finance coaching platform that helps women shift their relationship with money and take control of their finances.

In this episode, Vanessa shares with us how her own personal financial journey taught her how to manage her finances and how it inspired her to help other women who went through the same struggles as her.

I want people to realize that you can learn how to manage your money, it's possible to change your financial life, you just have to learn to live in your power. - Vanessa

In this episode:

[01:54] Brand Party for Vanessa is celebrating who you are, your gifts and your talents.

[02:38] In branding and design challenges get help if you need to but follow what makes sense for you not what other people like and say.

[03:48] The story behind the name Mint Worthy.

[05:26] Vanessa's brand story is a reflection of her own journey, her own story.

[07:35] Vanessa didn’t know how money works even if she was an accountant

[08:16] Her mentor taught her to get out of debt and create a budget, that was the start of her financial journey

[08:57] She started helping people with their money problems and later on realized that it is what she’s called to do

[10:03] Vanessa uses Quickbook and spreadsheets to keep track of her personal and business finances

[11:49] It's that lack of clarity that keeps us in these limiting beliefs. - Vanessa

[12:56] After getting clarity, identify the thoughts and beliefs you hold that do not align with your vision.