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I have an important question for creative entrepreneurs.

Have you taken every online training?

Had a failed attempt to outsource dodgy freelancers on Fiverr?


And still feel overwhelmed building your own brand from scratch?

What if...

There was a way to achieve brand clarity, consistency, AND conversions?

There was a way to do this through social media without decision fatigue?


Would you finally commit to building a brand that is a true reflection of you?

Let me know - does this sound familiar?
✔️ You've hired a freelancer you’ve met online based on price versus experience - the result was well, not much. They never replied to your email or ghosted you as soon as it was time to get to work.

✔️ Deep down, you aren't showing up the way you need to to ask for the worth you deserve

✔️ You believe your brand is only your logo and not creating the emotional connection with the people that matter most

With all of that effort and energy, isn't it about time that you have a brand that reflects who you really are?
You deserve to go hiking this weekend, free of the guilt that you "should be working on your business". And free of the anxiety about the next fire you need to put out for your client from hell.

✨ You deserve to book that next big trip. You deserve to know you can maintain stability with your brand with less than 60 minutes a day. Not day-dreaming on Pinterest in front of your sad desk lunch.
You deserve to be treated like an individual instead of just another number within an agency.

You deserve to have systems and content working for youTake that morning run that energizes you. Not waking up and getting glued to your computer screen.
You deserve to get paid without having to hound your clients instead of pulling teeth every time it comes to invoice day.  

Here are the 4 reasons why you're still lacking clarity, consistency, and delivering you reliable conversions. 

"I don't have time with everything else I have on my plate"
I'm a business owner too. I couldn't always get a month's worth of social content done in an afternoon. You're going to get access to the exact method that I use to cut the time I spend on my branding, in half.

"Procrastination is my middle name."

Well you're in luck - because efficiency is mine. So we're going to make a powerful team!

"I have commitment issues."
Totally get it! Like, how do you sum yourself up in 5 colour codes?! I get it. It's hard! It's a very big, scary decision to make. This is why when you enroll in what I'm about to share with you - I'll be taking you through the exact questions that I get 100% clarity for me and my clients. Reduce that decision fatigue when you have the clear direction of exactly how to show up and what to do.

"I've tried to brand myself before but it didn't feel like me"
You're right - the way you show up online should be close as humanly possible to you! That's why the opportunity I'm about to share with you helps you overcome this so your core values are reflective in your branding.

I hear you. Don’t worry - I’ve got you.
Let’s get you to your version of success.

The good news is that building your own clear and consistent brand that creates sales for you is now closer than ever!

If you've read this far, you'll already know that clarity, consistency, and conversions are the 3 critical elements to building a brand.

But maybe you didn't' know that by mastering these 3 C's I'm about to share with you,
you'll have the power to:

✨ Share your brand with everyone you know and become a household name

✨ Set up tools, habits, and systems that will convert your dream clients in your sleep

✨ Build connection and trust with your customers

✨ Get conversions without hounding people

You can have all of this!
I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to THE... 


A 120 minute online masterclass for entrepreneurs
who are ready to stop being inconsistent and finally
build the online brand they're worthy of

My name’s Christine Lieu. When I'm not climbing mountains around the world and helping some of the top lifestyle brands level up and launch $90K+ Kickstarter campaigns, I'm excited to help other entrepreneurs make their first foray into branding.

I’ve helped people who have felt just like you do now.




"Christine gave my business and brand the kick in the butt it needed. I had an idea swirling around my mind for months but she helped me realize it by making it something tangible. I had put off revamping my brand for a few years and she made it simple and possible within a few weeks!"

- Monika Platek,
The Monika Platek Podcast


"Christine was so clear and detail oriented with me.It led to instantaneous sales results. Wow!"

- Ingrid Castro, Toronto Dog Moms


"Decision fatigue is strong when you aren't sure just exactly what your visuals are. She is truly an expert — while also being the warmest soul that guides you through the process."

-Jenny Jay,
The Double Jay Collective


In these 120 minutes together, we will be unpacking the 3 C’s together...
CLARITY - You have big visions for your brand and that overwhelm of starting a brand from scratch and that decision fatigue will fade away when you have those forward-facing brand elements defined in a clear direction
CONSISTENCY - Developing the habits with reliable tools that will help you set up systems in your business, so you can take a day off once in awhile
CONVERSIONS - Allow yourself to put your best foot forward with the business objectives to back it up, so you can have that like, know, trust factor that’s undeniable to your dream clients


2 hour masterclass
so you can still have an evening to yourself instead of
slaving away on your laptop until 1am...again!


Online training & support
so you can tune in anywhere in the world instead of watching every online webinar and youtube video under the sun that doesn't move the needle forward to making your brand
a household name


A handbook packed with tools 
that I use to keep my brand clear, consistent, and converting every single day inside my business instead of feeling overwhelmed and letting those dream clients choose your competitors time and time again

Are you in?

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