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Why Courage Makes You The Best Kind Of Leader

In today’s episode, get complete clarity on what it takes to be a leader, finally. The word leadership gets tossed around like caesar salad these days. Everyone has leadership “advice” ranging from vague to strange and yet we’re all told we need to be a great leader to run a great business. Christine and Sandra (@sandra_corelli) will define courageous leadership and get you on a clear path of what you actually need to know about leadership and yourself! Are you willing to show up authentically? How about when you don’t know what the answers will be? Plus, you’ll hear how 2020 has changed what’s required to be a good leader for your team, for your clients, and for the world.

As Founder & CEO of Humanicity Consulting Group, Sandra’s passion is to redefine leadership by being more intentional about how we work, lead, and live. It has become her mission to help people by maximizing their strengths and unique talents to propel them to make an impact within themselves, their company, and their culture. Sandra believes that connection is at the heart of leadership – when you are clear about your purpose, you can lead with intention, nurture inclusion, and create lasting impact.

What to Listen For:

  • Navigating a changing world can have you feeling inside out and upside down. Here’s what courageous leadership is all about and how it can help us now. (3:43)

  • North? South? East? West? What direction do you lead from? (4:43)

  • How Do You Measure Up? The 6 Quintessential Qualities of a Courageous Leader. (5:20)

  • Haters gonna hate but they might have a point. The 10% truth and the impact it could be having. (9:56)

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