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Top Marketing Trends For 2022

The digital world is more important and evolving than ever. Marketing can be such a buzzword. Let’s debunk it and figure out what you should really be spending your time and effort on this year.

On today’s episode we’re diving into top marketing trends according to fellow experts. Some you may have recognized on a past episode of Brand Party such as Jenny Jay and Katy Prince and we’re also saying hello to some new guest features from Anne Claessen and Sarah M Chappell.

Why Is It Important?

Your marketing really is the frontier of how your audience gets to know you and your product or service. First impressions do count! When clarity, strategy and connection come together, this is where the magic happens.

I’m a firm believer that you do not need to be on every platform to be successful.

In Season 4’s kickoff for episode 55 of Design Trends of 2022, my personal prediction was the increase of personal branding. Planoly’s social media trends of 2022 and Forbes’ 13 Social Media Trends for Brand Builders To Consider in 2022 mentioned that “Customers want to know that what they see is what they get. It’s why we are seeing an emphasis on customer and brand relationships.” They’re really craving that transparency! And that is very reflective in my guests’ tips for you today.

Tip 1: Back To Basics, Marketing Foundation & Communication

Sarah Chappell is the founder and CEO of The Holistic Business Academy. A go to online education community that helps entrepreneurs grow sustainable and supportive businesses.

Her top marketing tip for 2022 is all about back to basics, marketing foundations, and communicating with your customers.

At a time of algorithm fatigue and information overload, small business owners often get seduced by shiny object strategies and all the cool things you can do online, and they forget their actual secret weapon, which is that you are an actual human being. So now more than ever, it is critical to be in a relationship with your customers by listening to their needs and soliciting feedback. You can do this through informal social media polls, you can send emails to your mailing list that just asked for replies and feedback for even just reading what your customer base is saying on social media. In book reviews on Amazon's or in their DMS to you, it's never been easier to connect with people. Use that to build trust and ensure that your marketing and ultimately your products and services are actually filling a need for your customers that will help you to stand out from the noise and not just add to more and more and more in terms of content creation, but actually fill a need and help people get the results that they are looking for.

Tip 2: Consistency, Connections & Conversations

Jenny Jay is the owner and CEO of The Double J Collective and her marketing tip for 2022 is consistency and connection. Ultimately you are telling the story to your audience. But you have to build that connection and that includes conversations.

Tip 3: Personality In Platforms To Build Relationships

Anne Claessen is the owner and CEO of The Podcast Babes. Her marketing tip for 2022 is to show your personality in your marketing efforts. Whether it's your podcast, blog, YouTube or Instagram, show your personality so that people in your audience can really connect with you and you can build a relationship that way.

Tip 4: DiversiFy Lead Generation & Creativity

Katy Price is from the Squirm Free School of Business. And her top marketing tip for 2022 is to diversify your lead generation. Facebook and Instagram have been the go to platform for awhile now, but with all the updates and changes, many service providers, many consultants and so on, are going to be spending a little less time, money and effort on Facebook and Instagram, and more on other channels.

Have you thought about getting on a different social media platform in 2022? Katy thinks that more people are looking to get off Instagram, especially and find new communities and content. And I also think that businesses who are willing to look around and notice what their competitors aren't doing. And then getting creative will be the ones who stand out in 2022 and beyond. So have a go at something that you don't see your competitors doing in order to truly diversify your lead generation.

Challenge Yourself…

As you’re planning your marketing strategy for this year, consider the fatigue and overload that your community is experiencing. Be compassionate and meet them where they’re at in order to truly connect and humanize your brand’s experience to build those genuine relationships. Have fun with it and seek areas of opportunities that your competitors may be overlooking.

I want to challenge you to incorporate one of our guests’ tips in your business as we head into a new season and year.

Revisit this episode whenever you need to realign your marketing efforts in order to accelerate your growth and connections.

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