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How to design your podcast cover art & graphics

Podcast cover art & marketing your graphics got you down? 🎉 As the host of the @brandpartypodcast and graphic designer of CL Designs, I share my insights and BOLD branding tips with @kat_brendel. 🎧 As an audio-first platform, you still need something to entice your listeners to click play! Your first impressions count. And you can make that a positive experience through your cover art and branding through your social media, and more. Tune in to learn about: ✨ What you can DIY vs. hire a designer for ✨ What design tools are essential in your toolkit ✨ The #1 mistake you're doing from the get-go ✨ Do's & don'ts for podcast cover art (including if your face should be in it) ✨ How to differentiate yourself in a growing market WATCH IGTV HERE: Comment below. 👉 Which tip are you excited to try? 👈

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Interested in learning more about branding? Tune into the Brand Party Podcast where my guests and I deliver fun, honest, to-the-point advice that you can implement RIGHT AWAY!

Season 2 is coming out on Monday, April 27th, 2020.



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