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How to Create Killer Visuals for your Brand

In today’s episode, learn why you shouldn’t add more junk in the world, visual junk that is. Should be obvious but ICYMI, quality visual communications will set your brand apart. Listen for a sneak peek of Amy’s 8 rules of visual communication. Plus, Christine and Amy (@killervisualstrategies) chat about how marketing and designing go hand-in-hand and how marketers and designers can work together more effectively. Plus, take notes on how you can take Amy’s lead to use your skills to give back to the world with a big impact!

Amy's agency, Killer Visual Strategies, has helped global brands including Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe, Nikon, Starbucks, the United Nations, and more to visually tell stories that get people to take notice and most importantly take action, with over $5 million in services to nonprofits. She went from producing the world's worst infographic ever created to scaling her agency, Killer Infographics, to a multi-million dollar industry leader before being acquired by one of the top branding insights and research firms in the world. Amy’s mission is to empower brands to deliver game-changing experiences through impactful storytelling and killer visuals.

What to Listen For:

  • The numbers don’t lie. Brands that focus on their visual content first grow their revenue this much faster than those that don’t. (6:01)

  • Follow the yellow-brick road. How you can build a portfolio to work with big brands like Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe, Nikon, Starbucks, the United Nations. (10:41)

  • Invest in the world and you will invest in your team and your company. Find out how the decision to live their values helped Killer Visual Strategies deliver over $5 million in services to nonprofits. (17:08)

  • You’ve created your killer graphics! Now what? Test with this 3-part no-fail hack to increase your conversions. (26:15)

Resources From This Episode:

Killer Visual Strategies Book Amy on Twitter Adobe Creative Cloud Amy’s First Infographic GeekWire NAACP Column Five Media

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What's your journey been like and what are some lessons you've learned from going from the world's worst infographic ever to Killer Infographics that tells a story and makes millions? How did you come to work with brands like Adobe, Starbucks, the UN and more?