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EP08 - Communicate Impact With This Winning Message

Meet Julia - a Content Writer and Comms Expert (& part-time dancer!). Julia helps purpose-driven companies create powerful brand messages and content. This gets them the funding, engagement, and support they deserve. With over 8 years’ experience in politics, public policy, agency, and research, Julia takes a holistic approach to her work. When she’s not publishing *unstuffy reports* for the MaRS Discovery District, Karlyn Percil, or writing for femmebought, she’s blogging on Medium, sharing her authentic life experiences. People love working with Julia because of her kind, thoughtful, evidence-driven approach to content. Her results grow audiences, sell tickets, and get people to stop, listen, and take action.

In this episode:

  • What actually is brand messaging?

  • The top 3 questions we need to consider when creating our brand voice

  • The magic sauce to create an impact with your copy and visual communications

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