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Building And Growing Brands Online Through Organic Digital Marketing

Nowadays, social media has become the platform for launching products, businesses, brands, and even personalities. It has grown over the years and has made a huge impact in marketing.

Elena Catherine is a certified digital marketing expert with 10+ years of experience. She helps entrepreneurs, brands, and influencers reach their target audience in an authentic way by using organic content marketing strategies.

In this episode, Elena shares with us her expertise on growing and building brands through organic marketing. A powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy that can successfully convert prospects into leads. Another full packed episode that can surely take your branding to a whole new level.

It's possible to grow if you have the right strategy in place, and you put in the groundwork for yourself and for your business. - Elena

In this episode:

[1:59] Branding is the backbone of your business.

[3:31] When you are overwhelmed with your branding design, pick three colors and be consistent with it.

[4:20] A specific colour palette creates brand recognition.

[5:12] What is organic marketing?

[7:35] In branding, you need to be the person behind the brand. Your brand needs to have a face.

[8:42] Consistent content and content strategy are very important.

[10:13] You can spend less time on getting better results.

[11:52] The best tool to get on track is a content calendar.

[12:51] Scheduling posts can help you stay on track and consistent.

[13:38] Plann is a good and affordable scheduler you can look into.

[14:06] Other resources are Planoly, Later, Buffer, and even Excel.

[15:27] Cost effective ways to approach organic marketing: Social Media and Website.

[17:38] Action words, power words, and emotional words can convert to sales.

[19:12] Creating balance in your content delivers clarity.

[20:50] Focusing on the reader means talking directly to them.