neighbourhood food hub

The Neighbourhood Food Hub is an exciting new space to connect people to fresh healthy food, and celebrate community through access, learning, and skill development. They are currently running a variety of community programs to help during COVID-19.

Before working together, their lean team just needed an expert to help support them on top of the hands-on activities that their team and volunteers were facilitating and branding and design ended up at the bottom of the never-ending to-do list. They felt that being a non-profit can embody a great mission, but their brand and others in the space looked sad, depressing, childish, or embodied "pity" rather than a sense of belonging that alienated their community.

After working together, we rebranded with a local pepper to encompass a fresh outlook with warmth and bountiful harvest. Being able to streamline the information and resources on their website for their community has helped create an approachable experience that encourages dignity in their community and credibility to their investors. They wanted to have their community efforts and impact reflected as optimistically as their brand presence.

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